Onewheel app regen at 130%???

  • My onewheel app says I have 130% for regen. This makes no sense to me because I thought regen was for indicating how much regenerated energy has occurred. But it couldn't regenerate more energy than it can hold right?

    If someone could explain this to me in basic terms it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  • @isforshooting

    Regen includes charging, so you might be able to go over 100 if you charge a couple of times without turning off, or you had a combination of charging and a lot of downhill. See what the usage number looks like next to regen.

  • @IanJohnson

    Thanks Ian.

    Ya that makes sense. However, the only thing that doesn't really fit with that explanation is the regen% continues to rise as long as I leave it plugged in, even after it's fully charged. The usage rises as well. (Was at 40% when regen was at 130%)

    Once I reset (turn off/on) then it all goes back to zero fine but the numbers creep up again if I leave it plugged in.

    Does anyone else find the same thing happening with their onewheel app?

  • @isforshooting I'm not seeing regen numbers like what you're getting

  • I think cell balancing might factor into it, like when a cell goes up, and another goes down it affects those numbers. I left my OW on the charger for a week while on vacation, hoping it would fix the cell balancing problems and wrong battery % readouts (it didn't). When I got back, regen said -119%.

  • My app is no's never says 100% battery for a good 3+ miles before it moves.. then dies at 10-15%

  • @IanJohnson

    Ya the cells do appear to be a little out of balance. Consistently at least three seem to read 3.62 while the rest are 3.64 and it's never the same ones. The values jump around. May have something to do with it.

    Also the status reads 8192. Checked the manual and the highest number for status in there is 15. Googled it and nothing comes up.

    That being said it seems to work fine for the most part. Yesterday I really leaned into it from a cold start and it died on me at 15 mph. I figure I was a little to aggressive for it and it just didn't know what else to do. Picked it up and it was fine. Looking forward to unlocking delerium.