Excellent Onewheel for sale!

  • Hello Everyone,
    Ive finally decided to sell my OneWheel original.
    Im located in Socal/Orange county
    Ive only used it 5 times total, and i never rode it more than 0.5 mile per ride. I just cant find any more time/place to ride it .
    It comes in its original box and with the super charger (faster charging time).
    Ive shipped the item back to the headquarter to get everything checked and it came back without a single problem.
    Price: $1000 + shipping.
    Serious buyers only.
    Contact: dannnpr@gmail.com or text 5624554506
    If you want photos ill be able to send them to you.
    Payment accepted:
    Paypal (w/ verified address) or Venmo
    Sales are final
    Thanks for looking!

  • They're selling for about $900 right now in lightly used condition.

  • @DLee I'm sorry to ask this question, but with less than 2.5 miles on this device, why did you send it back to HQ to get checked? That really doesn't make any sense. Did you have problems with this board?

  • @DLee are you still looking to sell?

  • You "finally" decided to sell? You joined the forum a year ago just to sell a Onewheel that you said you only rode for 30 minutes. Did you buy another one and only ride that one 30 minutes before deciding to sell that one too?

  • oh boy..I see this a lot on the aviation forums....@DLee post a picture of the board if you don't mind because this is sounding like a scam. maybe it is maybe it isn't but a recent picture with a newspaper with a date on it in view, that way we know its legit. Just seems funny a year ago you pretty much said the same thing. Again not jumping to conclusion but just putting it out there. Plus the picture will help people. When Im looking for used things I usually bypass ads with no pictures. If the sellers cant take the time to post a picture then I don't want to deal with them. That's just me though...

  • @simtech He never responded to anyone in his post a year ago. And neither post had photos or a serial number. I'd be wary of this one.

  • @DLee please post a pic with today's date hand written on a piece of paper, along with the s/n of the board.

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