Early days but stoked with the +

  • I’ve only done 60 miles but every ride feels better (unless hungover, that ride was a bit sketchy). Mostly been riding Prospect Park (Brooklyn), it gives you everything from big grass (bumpy) plains, tarmac roads & trails, sand trails, woodchip and dirt single trails. I’ve found slow riding on rough stuff has helped me heaps. Had a couple of slide outs on loose sandy gravel - scratched the frame and chipped a lil bit out of the rear footpad doing so. But riding this stuff is fun and makes the concrete riding seem so easy.
    A few comments on the common things people seem to talk about. I found stopping hard at first. Once I learned to roll back and forwards at nearly stopped speed, dismounting became so much easier.
    I love push back! I ride in mission and at 16 mph when it kicks in, I enjoy the feeling; it reminds me of trimming along a wave and turning into the face a little. I sort of carve in and out of push back but have never tried to push thru it. Lots of people seem to say, “all of a sudden after xyz time, pushback got strong”. I honestly think you don’t really get sensitive to it for a while.
    In short, life better for owning onehweel + and ima keep rollin'.

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