Deleting and adding rides on the app

  • I tried adding my first ride to the map on the app but I'm guessing you need data signal of some kind for it to record accurately? I was at a hotel and as soon as I left wifi range my ride stopped recording... I was thinking that GPS was all it needed?

    Later I noticed I could "edit" my ride and change the name and description, but no way to delete it!? Is there a way to delete this mis-recorded ride?

    Also when I tap on other people's rides around the world it does not give me the info for their ride... Just the path. It seems the only way to get the info for a ride is to tap on a ride in someone's profile. Tapping a ride on the map does not. Or am I missing something.

  • @Byromie left swipe on a track entry does it (like in the mail app ...). You‘re right, you need to have connection to the internet to record rides.

  • Thanks so much. That did it. Swipe to reveal the red trashcan and dump. Glad I could get rid of that poorly recorded ride.

    Hope other riders find this info handy too. I see a few other rides on the map that are obvious tests and or mistakes like mine that could use a trip to the trash can.

    A system for other riders to rate rides I think would be an awesome feature to have in the future

  • This post is deleted!

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