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  • So it hase been 5 day since I emailed float for some of those little plastic onewheels and no response. This is my second attempt. The last ticket they just closed. So what should I do

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mekhi_dickson if you're reaching out to FM for free mini plastic Onewheels, it's possible (likely) you won't hear back from them about it, they usually give those away at random, or if they're behind on fulfillment sometimes they include them (I've never got one). If they're closing your ticket that's them letting you know it's time to move on :)

  • I have to disagree. I cancelled my plus order and was able to get one of a dealer, not before I sent a pretty rude email to FM about the wait time. Even since that they have responded promptly to my emails. Just now I got a personal email telling me my latest order should arrive today (sling back pack). I'd already received the automated tracking info but FM took time to follow up with me. If you run a crazy busy company I can understand not having time to respond to requests for free stuff you may not even have in stock.

    only thing to do is chill i reckon...and go for a ride.

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