Facebook group idiocy.

  • Today the moderator (Jeremy Gavin) of the Onewheel owners FB group kicked me out for questioning his decision to delete a post of a onewheel rider who happened to be wearing a Trump t-shirt.

    I agree that it's pointless and annoying to be arguing politics in general and especially in a onewheel group but it's idiocy to sensor a post because of the t-shirt being worn. If comments start getting out of control then just ignore or turn off comments.

    Either way, I can still be found in the original FB group here without all the drama and with a much better cover photo.

  • @Franky that's sucks! You have been banned too fast :( you need more respect because you're here since the begining...
    Jeremy is a cool guy and I certainly don't understand everything what happen but....you have to come back in this group Franky!

  • Cheers @fabuz! Yes I guess that makes us old timers Lol. No worries there are a lot of people in the other group and I'm guessing people will start to post more. Just got my v1 back and better than ever and I love my plus. Had an awesome ride tonight.

  • If it's pointless and annoying to argue politics, wouldn't it make sense for him to sensor a post with a Trump shirt? I mean, regardless of how you feel about the current US President, let's be honest, it's pretty obvious that the image would likely force a pointless and annoying argument about politics. Besides that, isn't that his right to sensor what he chooses? I mean, why else be a mod other than to enforce your vision for the group.

    If I don't like the conduct of a group, I quietly leave. If I don't like the conduct of a Facebook friend, I quietly block them, see what I'm trying to say? You call this idiocy, but you're complaining about it both here, and on Facebook, kinda odd in my opinion, but maybe I'm crazy.

  • @No checkout my Facebook post if you want full context on this as in comments you can see the helpful video of a guy just happening to wear a trump tee and a screenshot of the message that got me booted.

    I've seen other political tees posted in the group such as Bernie and probably Hillary but I've never heard of one being deleted which is a good thing because the people were not trying to make a political statement in the group. This isn't about politics for me but rather treatment of group members.

    Then there is the message I sent to Jeremy which I thought was was a more respectful way to get some clarification from him rather than publicly through the group. I didn't even know he was the admin deleting stuff until his post saying all political stuff would be deleted. Once I saw that, I messaged him personally. All I asked him was if he deleted a post because of a trump tee. He responded with a threat to kick me out which is obviously a really dick like way to respond. Then he booted me. Again screenshot of this in the FB post comments.

    Of course Jeremy can delete all the posts and boot all the people he wants but that doesn't mean it doesn't make him a dick and I'm just posting it for full transparency. Many times group admins can sweep their dick actions under the carpet because blocked people do not have any other outlets to speak to the people in the group. In this case I still have a voice so I'm just sharing what happened.

    Deleting posts is one thing but kicking people out for asking a question is another. I'm not saying people should leave the group but it's probably a good idea not to have one group with one overloard on a topic so I'm glad the other group exists. I would encourage riders to join and engage in both groups besides other local groups which I also do.

    Clearly I'm not going back in Onewheel owners and that is fine with me. I've got a lot of interests and am apart of more groups than I could ever keep up on which is why i had to turn off notifications for most of them including Onewheel owners before I was booted.


  • :-) Shocked.

    It has been my experience that the Admin of the FB group is just WAY too quick on the trigger with the kick/ban shit. I was basically invited back and refused to rejoin, besides, with my sense of humor, I'd have been kicked out again in a week or less anyway.

    Suppose I'll join this other FB OW group. Why not. :)

  • Ok, I read the comments, watched the video etc... I think it was wrong to assume the video was deleted because of a trump shirt, you made it sound like the mod saw the shirt and blew up the post. It was deleted because of the comments, that's it. Should he have threatened to boot you? no, but now that I have a little more context, I could see why your question would be irritating. This is a mess on both ends.

  • @Franky The thread was not deleted due to the shirt being worn. The thread was deleted because it was causing animosity among members, with 3,000 plus opinions you have to jump on this quick. We have had things spiral way out of control in the past, to the point a member was threatening harm to another member. This is something that I can’t and will not be a part of. I thought the video was great, but telling 3,000 members to turn their comments off is not a solution. We have so many comments and threads posted daily it would be more than a full time job to monitor each one. Chris is still a member of the group and hopefully he will make more great videos.
    When I’m at work trying to work mind you and Tim is posting that I need to put my big boy pants on and be removed from Admin. When I have worked hard the last year to do my best to make this group awesome. I then posted a public pin stating why the post was removed. He then went on to post a new thread trying to stir the pot and get the topic revived, How this group is off the rails.

    Hey then messages me to debate about it, for whatever reason he could not let this absurd topic go and at the time I’m doing a server launch affecting 1500 people. I booted him because the guy had every opportunity to drop it and I had to focus on my job at work.

    PS: I’m sure Tim is a great person and is hurt for being blocked, all my actions were for the good of the community. It should have been common sense why it was removed and should not have needed any further debate.

  • @itwire Honestly, can't say that this is as bad as I originally assumed.

    In my case ya'll booted my ass without warning, and frankly, with shit cause - good to see you've at least improved.

    I guess my only suggestion to improve the perception on how you handle this stuff is to give a VERY clearly worded and stern warning before booting people. I get that he was bothering you, but a "Dude, we disagree, and I don't have time to debate this now - either get with me when we both have time and can take this back up, or I will just boot and ban you if you continue."..

    Don't be afraid to just be honest up front and avoid looking like you're booting without proper process being followed.

    shrug As I've said before, it's your group, and ya'll can do it however you like, but it seems that you have a PR problem that is caused by the prevailing management style there.

  • @itwire Jeremy, thanks for chiming in.

    I'm sorry for commenting that the admin needed to pull up his big boy panties and get a grip. In my defense I made this childish comment on a post that was questioning whether or not the video was deleted because of the t-shirt and I didn't know who the admin was so it wasn't personal. It seemed like the consensus was that it was deleted because of the tshirt which is what I was responding to. And that consensus seemed backed up by the fact that nobody including the admin said anything to the contrary. Now it sounds like you were very busy which I understand and I know there was some petty bickering going on in the new post about the tshirt. But if you look at my message, you will see a simple question that didn't need immediate answer even though the simple answer of "no, it was deleted because of the comments" would of sufficed.

    Either way, it sounds like you were having a rough day, and enough said on this topic. Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!

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