Not Stoked--Sit on It Future-Motion

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  • @mrb they should meet you half way. Hopefully your detailed post will draw the appropriate persons attention.

  • @mrb

    I wish this story wasn't true...but I could see it going down like that with a company focused on expanding its reach instead of supporting its base. I believe you and I hope they offer you a better solution.

    My experience with FM customer service was about a 4/10. My tire wore through at 525 miles in under the year-long warranty period. I contacted customer service and was told that I was responsible for the total cost of the service. I thought the tire was a lemon. FM thought maybe that I rode with it underinflated. I didn't but I see their point. I just mostly ride concrete and I carve hard. After some emails back and forth, they offered me a $50 off credit for the tire replacement. At that point, I didn't want to void my warranty by taking apart my board so I sent it in. I was under the impression that the cost of shipping the board was included in the service. It wasn't. Shipping was expensive as $#%@! Keep your boxes people! The repair took just under 3 weeks. Communication from the company during that period was less than stellar. Seems like they forgot about me for a while. I still feel kinda screwed from the whole deal...but at least I made $50. I feel like such a whore!

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