AirVenture 2017 (OSHKOSH)

  • Who's going to Oshkosh next week? And any OW riders live near OSH?

    Yes, i'm bringing my OW and we are driving this year. If you need a place to lock up your board during the show, give me a shout. And there are generators all over the place so charging isn't an issue.

  • I'll be there! I am flying in Sunday. Still undecided about brining it, though it will be perfect in the north 40. Think they will be allowed in the gates? My pax doesn't have one either so I'd feel bad cruising around while he is walking. Haha

    However even if I don't bring it we should meet up. I'll pm you my number.

  • I say... Bring it! I'll be there on Saturday until Wednesday night.

    Ride it around after the show closes, nobody will say anything. Honestly it would be awesome to have a few Boards there for a group ride.

  • hahaha I may if nothing else to have some fun around the north 40.

  • Okay @SkyPilot I think Ill bring it if I can fit it with all our gear. If I do, during the day when im not around ill bike lock it to my rudder pedals. You aint taking that unless you take the whole plane. And well....Ive got insurance so they can have it all, plus trying to taxi out with a 25lb machine stuck to the rudder pedals would be slightly difficult. hahaha

  • @simtech Now that's thinking! And throw a jacket over it and nobody will know the difference, they will just think it's more gear.

    Onewheel aka The Club for aircraft.

  • Wait pg.8 here says no skateboards, skates, or hoverboards allowed in general camping. I would suppose this would cover the onewheel. Boo

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