L.A. Onewheel BBQ + Ride this Sat 7/22/17

  • Hey Onewheelers! You and your adult +1 are cordially invited to join us this Sat 7/22 at 1130a for a BBQ in West Los Angeles, please join us! To learn more, join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/onewheellosangeles/ and check out the upcoming events section, or message me for more info. After a shred session of a local area hot spot, we'll retreat back to my place for food, drink + fun. Please bring a side dish for 8-10#, I'll supply dogs and cold adult beverages. This is a great opportunity to build the Onewheel LA community, hang with fellow riders and finally include your +1 in your Onewheeling. See you there!

  • Isn't this the same time as the Hover Hooligan's Death to the Hideout is happening as well?

  • @enjoi408 Indeed it is. Our BBQ has been on the books for over a month so not sure why they chose to schedule their thing on the same day, but oh well. Just means more choices for Onewheelers :)

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