Riding in rain...

  • Is it truly okay for me to ride my Onewheel Plus in the rain?? I live in Portland, Oregon for crying out loud.

  • Here's the deal, it's a low risk if you are smart about it. I ride in rain when I have to, but I don't think I would ride in heavy rain. Don't ride through puddles (as tempting as it is!). Make sure you charging port is plugged. When you get home use a can of compressed air to clean the board. To be even more safe, don't plug it in until the next day. That way just in case water did get somewhere it shouldn't, you give it time to dry.

    Btw I also live in Portland. Check out Mt. Tabor, awesome trails!

  • I've done it lots.

    Eventually DID kill my board (THANK YOU FM FOR THE FIX!) by dumping on a jump and losing the board in a salt-water mangrove.

    So, in short, rain seems to be easily handled, up to a good steady rain for up to a couple minutes of operation at least - but soaking the board in saltwater will absolutely kill stuff.

  • So this can be done, on wet days here in NYC OneWheel becomes my go-to board. Essentially it is the board of last resort - the zombie apocalypse deck that will take me farther than the other 3 I own!

  • I can vouch that it works in rain and slush no issues here.

  • Last night Baltimore County was hit by violent thunderstorms. My power was out, but the OW was charged. I was able to take the recycling down my long driveway in the wet dodging limbs in the pitch black. It was fun to ride doing chores rather than just playing. The headlight was more than ample!

  • @8bit Thank you! So how do you suggest I cover the charging port? What about covering the power button too?

  • @darinr80 said in Riding in rain...:

    @8bit Thank you! So how do you suggest I cover the charging port? What about covering the power button too?

    Charging port: http://bit.ly/1OpEP3g
    Power button: Tape

  • @thegreck A little off topic... Do you know if there are any 3rd party vendors that offer a cap for the power button switch? Sometimes I want to ride in complete stealth without a blinking blue light. I am using electrical tape for the time being.

  • @spaz I don't think there's enough clearance for a cap, but @njcustom had a cool solution for this, maybe he could chime in.

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