Took my Onewheel on the ultimate road trip, huge mistake now batteries aren't balanced.

  • So I'm currently making my way south to Ushuaia on my year long road trip. So of course I wanted to bring my onewheel. Big mistake! It's completely useless because one cell stays at less than 1v. I've tried to run it completely down, no good. I did for a brief period of time get some use out of it but once again it's unusable. Anyone know how I can manually drain/calibrate the batteries? I simple cannot send it back. Also I noticed that either through all the vibration of traveling or heat that both my warranty stickers are cracked. So any tips? Can't run it on a stand because the cell is so unbalanced. Thanks

  • i'm afraid the cell is dead. 1v is really too low and I don't think you will be able to fill it up again..last solution would be to dismouint the battery and try to charge only this well directly .

  • @LOGS bummer to be on vaca with a 30-pound paperweight. Is there just no way for you to ship it in for repairs?

  • Sounds like you need to divert your road trip to Santa Cruz ....

  • Super unfortunate to hear about your battery cells. Sounds like an epic trip though! Where did you start from?

    My wife and I spent a month in Patagonia in 2014. Such an amazing place. Wish I had a onewheel to ride then.

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