Helmet for oval shape head

  • I have about 23" circumference. Nearly all helmets are tight front to back and loose side to side. Anyone similar with recommendations? I guess I will have to order/return a few times until hopefully getting lucky.

  • @lieutenantglorp I also have a big ol' head, 23" circumference. I have the S1 Mega Lifer shop.s1helmets.com and it's awesome. Comes with various liners w/different thicknesses so you can really dial in a custom fit.

  • @lieutenantglorp I have an S1 as well. This is what I was going to suggest as the liners are really helpful. They are also cool about sending you liners for free if you tell them the fit is off.

  • @lieutenantglorp Fellow egg-head here. Check out a Bell Super 2R. I've had it for years for mountain biking. When riding the OW during periods of bike drought, I like the ability to remove the visor. Any Performance Bike in your area should carry it. Good luck. I feel your pain.

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I was able to modify the liner in my snowboard helmet to fit a little better to use until I can get something else. Would be great if someone actually made a more oval shell instead of padding up a larger rounder shell on the sides.

  • Thanks @groovyruvy and @MichaelW. Wow skate helmets have come a long way since I last shopped for one many years ago when there wasn't much selection, especially in sizing. I finally had a chance to go to a proper skateboard shop that had a full supply in stock of S1. They had all 3 shell sizes and 7 liner sizes enabling me to pick a good fit. I was able to fit a S1 Lifer shell by using the 3xl liner with it to get a near perfect fit. The mega lifer shell was surprisingly a bit too big for me unless I used the thickest liner, but I looked like the Dark Helmet with it on lol. For anyone else looking for a good helmet, I also recommend S1 and Bill's Wheels if you are in the SF bay area and want to try before you buy. Only negative I could find would be the ear cutouts could be cut just a little bigger so the top of my ears don't rub, but so far no big deal.

  • Grab a Thousand helmet in large and never look back!

  • @lieutenantglorp glad you found a helmet you like. I'm still digging my S1, great product.

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