How are you getting 42km/h top speeds?

  • How are the leader board people getting these top speeds?

    Granted I've only had my OW+ for two weeks now (227 KM life) but my top speed never gets higher than 26.8 km/h.

    Not that I'm chasing those speeds -I've read the posts on pushing though pushback...and nose diving.

    My question is more of how it's possible? How can these boards go 42km/h. I get push back on every carve and if I trust the specs the OW+ tops out at 30km/h.

  • Exactly as you said, you have to push through the pushback. Start out by slowly accelerating once you've started to get pushback. If you try and push too hard that's when the motor will cut out and you'll nose dive. It takes a little while to get a feel for how your board will react. On my V1 I can comfortably ride 18-20mph and when I'm really pushing it 22-23mph. I have a top speed of 29mph but honestly that was pretty terrifying and I'll probably never hit that speed again. After about 100 miles my board started to feel slower and less powerful. I sent it in to get looked at and FM told me that the motor becomes less powerful over time and that's why I'm not able to hit those higher speeds anymore.

  • @Rado

    Top speed 29 mph? Too bad you didn't have your app on so it could put you comfortably in first place on the leaderboard.

  • @isforshooting I did have the app connected but the leaderboard restricts the top speed. That is why all the top speeds on the leaderboard are exactly the same for the V1. I've got screen shots of all my top speeds though.

  • @Rado

    Dude! Would love to see that on the + ! Only 26 mph right now I believe. Go get one!

  • @Rado

    thanks for the information rado, I'll suit up with full motocross gear and give the push through a shot at some point but for now I'm enjoying the sweet carves at speeds below push back.

    Just came back from a ride through the neighbourhood smoking a cuban cigar.

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