Air pressure

  • Taking the last number off your weight is a good place to start. Like if you weigh 170, you can try 17psi. Probably wouldn't go any lower than that, but you can increase to your taste up to 20psi.

  • I have run 20 psi for basically 275 miles and wanted to try I little lower pressure to see how it was but I didn't have a gauge as I was out cruising so I just let some out until it felt soft and ripped it and it was friggin amazing it was easy to go fast past pushback cruising and carve like never felt before so i checked it when i got home and it was like 8 psi.....hahaha I put it back up to 15 and it just feels like it has 20 in it still compared to the 8psi run but I feel like 8 psi would be so much drag on the motor I didn't check my motor temp after the run either I would like to know if it was running hot from the extra drag. I may just have to drop it down again to find out :)

  • @onewheelwraith

    Anything lower that 15 PSI, the edges of the tire will wear pretty fast

  • Tires are cheap I just don't want to pop the controller or fry the motor up......

  • @onewheelwraith said in Air pressure:

    Tires are cheap I just don't want to pop the controller or fry the motor up......

    If you don't mind spending $100 for tire change and being without your board for two weeks every few hundred miles, go for it!

  • I usually ride at 30 Psi

  • I have found a lower 'safe' limit - at 5psi my tire felt 'wobbly' at speeds around 14/15mph. Very loose ride, and I burned a SHITLOAD of battery doing about 1 mile like that (40%+)..

    With that being said, it didn't hurt the motor, or fry the controller, or anything really - just felt dangerous and loose. (I weigh 215lbs)

    So - 8psi seems to be about the lowest you can ride without it getting too loose. And I'm sure it'll affect range. I like mine at about 25psi.

  • The lowest I run is 20. I'm 210 lbs and at 20 psi would only get 5 to 5.2 miles. Now I'm running 24 psi and get over 6 miles. :) (one time got over 7)

  • @njacobs 4 PSI seems like a lot of difference for that wheel. Notice the change of ride?

  • @ventoriffic Yeah, the ride is different, a bit stiffer. The lines in the sidewalks are felt more. On good, smooth asphalt I don't notice a difference. The gain in distance is worth the slightly bumpier ride. I'm used to it now. I got 6.7 miles today on my lunch break ride; probably could have gotten a bit more.

  • @njacobs
    I'm going to air up tomorrow. Been riding at 20lbs. Range is fine, but if 4 four gets more I'm all in..

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