Onewheel without pneumatic, a good idea?

  • One issue with the onewheel is its weight. Hence someone should try to adapt a "tweel"

  • I had thought about this a long time ago and I emailed twheel and they said they would not be able to do this at the time because they are very busy with other designs and stuff. I thought it would be cool with the onewheel but now it seems like it might just be a pain...

  • The tire itself really isn't that heavy. It's the motor and batteries that make up most of the weight.

  • what @jeffmccosker said the tire is probably one of the lighter parts on the whole board besides the footpads. Only thing i want to see Future motion do in newer models is have the option of different types of tires for different conditions. It would be really cool if they took it a step further and let you customize the type of motor to have more low end torque for off road or higher top speed for pavement.

  • @ahxe45 agreed! I don't care for FM's policy of voiding the warranty if you change tire type. There are a lot of great after market tires out there that have gotten solid reviews from riders.

  • The battery and motor are the parts that make it heavy, and that's not likely to change. It's just how much that stuff weighs with current tech. Those stupid little hoverboards weigh exactly the same as a Onewheel for the same reason.

  • @thegreck Speaking of hover boards, do you all constantly get asked or people refer to your OW as a hover board? Happens to me all the time, and I absolutely hate it! Probably bc think hover boards are worthless pieces junk that will either get you hurt or burn your house down. Why people risk this to move around at a walking pace amazes me.

  • @goodblake-eskate ALL THE TIME. I hate it too. People always say, "Does it blow up like those hoverboards?"

    Funny thing is that people associate that design with explosions. If you paid over $500 for one, it didn't blow up; only the cheap, copycat Chinese versions did.

    That's why Future Motion is fighting so hard to keep people from copying it, not so they can monopolize the market, but because Kyle Doerkson knows that what will most likely happen is China will make a bunch of cheap ripoff versions (which they already are) that will blow up, and people will automatically start associating the Onewheel with explosions, just like the hoverboards.

  • It depends where I ride if I ride out in the country or in town but if I'm riding in town the number one question is do those blow up like those hover board things... and in the country it's can I try, hey Charlie hold my beer.

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