V1 or +???

  • Question regarding nose diving and sand riding: Wondering if I should purchase a V1 or +? I'm considering buying a OW but want to minimize the likelihood of nose diving. I'm not interested in breaking speed recording or pushing the board beyond its limits, just want something that is reliable, carves well and is relatively safe. I also would like to be able to ride it on the beach.

    It's also my understanding that in 2-3 months I could switch out the footpads and bumpers on the V1 for the +'s (making the V1 less likely to nose dive). Curious to garner thoughts/opinions. Thanks!

  • @drinkwat Personally I think the raised foot pads makes the plus more susceptible to nosedives since it encourages people to move their front foot out on the raised part of the foot bad when in reality it needs to be closer to the tire vs on the raised part of the pad.

  • @drinkwat

    Raised footpads have nothing to do with nose dive. Just more comfortable.

    The V1 is pretty solid. Only annoyance is the pushback at around 12-13mph.

    If you're not into tricks and jumps and just wanna cruise around, the + hands down.

  • V1 carves harder (more fun imo). Plus has more stabilizing (reserved for injury days and friends).

  • @drinkwat I prefer the + over the original in every situation except aggressive offroad / mountain bike-type conditions- in those situations the original reacts more intuitively and is better able to manage frequent wheel slips.

  • Off-road the v-1 is a total beast and the plus it's more of a challenge but still manageable if that's all you do... hence my username but I have actually had more nosedive situations on the v-1 only once on the plus which I ran out. But it you wear a helmet knee pads elbow pads and wrist guards are a must, wrist guards have saved me and everybody I ride with from broken wrists, I have had plenty of falls where I feel I would've badly messed up my wrists or break them but they weren't because of wrist guards. The v-1 is definitely slower harder to go uphill and I think the plus is way smoother easier to carve and is way more like a powder run on a snowboard than the v-1 so if you are looking for a smooth ride that is easy to carve I would go with the plus, the smaller sensor on the v-1 makes it hard to carve sometimes and for me sometimes makes my foot cramp up, but if you are looking into tricks and drops easy handling on bumps or off-road get a v-1 I like both the onewheel models so I think a plus would be good and often times the plus nosedives because of somebody trying to go 0-20 in less than a second, or somebody doesn't have their front foot planted and staying on the board, but some I have to say are technical error for whatever reason, like on the v-1 a lot of people including me would start in the classic beginner mode and you would nosedive a lot, but I push the v-1 because it's so good off-road if you move your foot or accelerate to fast you will nosedive and fall on your face. But this is my experience and I like both but I think you would be better off with a plus and just keep in mind to have your front foot always planted and to never accelerate like a madman like me but if you do want to accelerate fast you have to either be ready to run it out if your foot isn't all the way on the sensors or keep your foot on the sensors.

  • Best to have both versions so you can decide for yourself, but in the case that you can not... V1 gets 15-20% better range and has a more predictable off road attitude. The plus rides all the same terrain as the v1 but does strange things on loose conditions, washboard bumps or small drops. If you are in a need for speed scenario get the plus. Get the v1 for trail riding and long range. For myself I commute to work on the plus and ride off road on my v1 after I get home in the evening... You will not regret having both.

  • Seems as though nose dives on the V1 are mainly related to the food pad sensor. Whereas on the + nose diving seems to be related to over acceleration and loss of contact with the ground. In theory it seems that perhaps the safest board would be a V1 with + foot pads.

  • @drinkwat nothing to do with sensors or footpads or contact with ground. nosedives are from leaning too far forward. imo not even much to do with where your foot is placed, it seems to me you can ride with your foot fairly far forward as long as your head isn't sticking out. i hate saying these things for fear of jinxing myself but i'm yet to nosedive on the plus after 170 miles.

  • @drinkwat @kieren imo, nose dives can't really be 'blamed' on any one particular factor, they happen when the motor can't accelerate more or faster, and the board can't keep up with the request for speed. A lot of factors can play into nose dives, @kieren nailed a key factor- leaning too far forward. So too is the motor's capacity, putting too much pressure on the front footpad, accelerating too rapidly without easing into it, weight of the rider is a major factor, and actually foot positioning plays a big role. The more you weigh the more this is true, but in general, the closer your feet are to the wheel, the less you're inclined to nose dive. For a heavier (215#) rider such as myself, a more narrow stance has reduced nose dives to only on occasion, not a very common occurrence. On the + due to the concave footpads, there's an inclination to move the feet wider, so they rest in the deepest part of the concave- giving you the best grip/control. However, caution on that because the wider stance puts more pressure further from the center of balance (the tire), and hence increases the chance/occurrence of nose dives.

  • @groovyruvy agreed with all that you say, especially with regards to accelerating smoothly. yet i find it more comfortable to have my foot pretty much in middle, pointing a bit forward, rather than very close to the wheel. I still keep my center of balance over the wheel as much as possible by trying to keep my head up.

  • @kieren same for me- I find it uncomfortable to ride with either of my feet really close to the tire. I've seen lots of guys ride with their back foot all the way up close to the tire, against the fender, but the board feels hard to manage when I do that. For my I ride with my front foot in the middle of the footpad, at an angle with toes pointing forward at like a 45-degree angle, and the heel hanging over the rail. Rear foot is a little further back, more straight across the footpad, and less heel hanging off. If you're interested I just posted a vid on youtube that shows my + stance pretty well: https://youtu.be/IJgdY6KNiaU

  • @groovyruvy think i ride about the same, maybe my front toes closer to the edge. tbh my riding got better once i stopped thinking about it. i started hitting some dirt trails and your feet just adjust themselves out of necessity, that was where mine ended up.

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