Brand New OneWheel+ Does Not Start

  • I already have a support ticket open and also shipped my board back; however, I wanted to post what happened in case anyone has seen it before.

    My Onewheel+ arrived last night, and plugged it in to an A/C outlet to charge it overnight. However, I'm having a problem even getting the device to turn on. Even though the charger indicates that the batteries are fully charged (green LED light on the adapter), as soon as I turn it on it shuts down. The app connects then disconnects as well -- which I interpret as the Onewheel shutting down.

    Note that the power button turns blue for 1-2 seconds then turns off. I also checked if it would blink a few times so that I can diagnose the issue but it's not even blinking; it just turns off.

    Also, I recorded a video and this time it looks like it blinked twice which indicates low battery. However, the app and the adapter says it is 100% charged. You can watch it through the URL below.

    Has anyone seen this issue before?

  • @jeffgoot this has come up in the past, you may want to review this thread:
    I watched the video you posted, the light's blinking 3x, which indicates a battery overcharge (which triggers the unit to turn off). Maybe try charging it 24-48 hours and then give it a whirl, making sure to not ride downhill while on a full charge.

  • @jeffgoot did you plug it in and charge it overnight before riding it? The boards usually come fully charged out of the box.

  • @groovyruvy Unfortunately, I didn't try to charge it further other than the 10 or so minutes that I tried while trying to turn it on. I also thought that it might end up getting discharged (in case it was overcharged) over the weekend, but no dice. That's why when someone from Support advised to send the board back, I just packed it and sent it.

    Thanks again!

  • @ahxe45 Yeah, I did that, unfortunately. I guess a suggestion for the marketing team would be to put a big warning sign on the box/board/flap -- WARNING: Charging overnight before using for the first time may cause overcharging and make the board unusable." :-)

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