Speaker Recommendations for use while riding?

  • @firephreek so your recommended speaker is headphones lol

  • Just a thought here, but I try to be very judicious about downvoting someone's comment, and usually only do it if the comment is rude, offensive or offering really dangerous advice. If I downvoted every comment offering a point of view I didn't agree with, or recommending a product I wasn't interested in, I'd be downvoting a lot :) But hey that's just me :) As an alternative, instead of downvoting, maybe consider replying back with an alternative point of view- I think the original poster would be more open to that vs. a downvote, which may be taken as 'you're downvoting me personally'. And likely it would lead to more information coming to light, helping the rest of us make a more informed decision.

  • @kieren Yup.

    "Can anyone recommend a chainsaw that would be good for cutting my steak at dinner?"

    "Have you considered using a knife?"

  • @groovyruvy It's a thread looking for community recommendations on a better accessory. The best way to represent group preference is to upvote/downvote good/bad suggestions.

    If the group at large is pro UE Boom's? Upvote the booms and OP will feel more confident that they're a good direction to go in. But, if you've been there, done that, and recognize that it wouldn't be a good decision? Then it should be downvoted to discourage OP from also making a bad decision. If there's no preference, there's no vote.

    I'm sorry/notsorry that someone took a downvote on a recommendation as a personal attack. If I called them a spammy old man who hates big city life? THAT would be a personal attack, and I would be inclined to apologize. At which point we'd probably have a good civil discussion full of mutual respect and then go for a ride and get a beer. It'd be pretty cool.

  • @firephreek I hear where you're coming from and you make good points. Everyone's gonna use this forum in a way that's best for them, all I was saying is that I take the route of being reserved about downvoting, as I like the forum to be inclusive and non-judgemental, so everyone's comfortable sharing their views, whether or not I agree with them. PS if you're an old man at 30-something, what does that make me at 47 :)

  • @groovyruvy A one wheel riding corpse? You use a cane to kick up? :-D

  • @groovyruvy said in Speaker Recommendations for use while riding?:

    @firephreek PS if you're an old man at 30-something, what does that make me at 47 :)

    I like to take my teeth out before I ride around the property at the old folks home and I have no speaker recommendations because my hearing aid is broken.

  • I love the aftershokz trekz titanium headphones (bluetooth bone conduction headphones, can hear cars, hold a conversation, etc) - find them at https://aftershokz.com/
    They are the best headphones for active, outdoors I've found. Don't do well in loud environments (construction zone, airplane) but fine for commuting.

    I also love my Boombotix speakers. The Boombot Pro I got does have an annoying whine when played at low volumes (most people can't hear it - sounds like an old TV) - but it was also only $15, has some internal memory so you don't even need your phone or a device, and is bluetooth. Has a sturdy clip and a mic so you can answer phone calls. Looks like they're running $26 now - for the REX or the PRO. The PRO is supposed to sound better (it did before the whine started) but the REX has an audio out jack, so you can bluetooth to it and hook it up to your home stereo as well.

  • I use UE Boom speakers; great tunes makes Onewheel riding even better.

  • @njacobs said in Speaker Recommendations for use while riding?:

    I use UE Boom speakers; great tunes makes Onewheel riding even better.

    Same here. Hangs off backpack and sounds great.

  • @firephreek Regardless of how those headphones are built, here in California, and I assume many other states, it's actually illegal for you to ride your bike or drive a car with headphones on; you are allowed to use 1 earbud, only. Onewheel is definitely a motor powered vehicle therefore it falls under that specification. I hope me blasting Earth Wind and Fire isn't too much a bother ;)

  • @goodblake-eskate Not sure if you've purchased a speaker yet, but I have the UE Roll 2, great product that can also pair with another for louder/stereo. Good sound and the elastic cord allows you to attach it to a multitude of things, it's also small enough to fit inside the water bottle pocket of my backpack. The UE Roll is about the size of smashed bagel and is water proof.

  • @ventoriffic Seconding this rec, I also use it. Sounds great, very loud, and its size/shape allows it to be carried in a cargo pocket.

  • @goodblake-eskate Although not headphones and not really a speaker, the beats neckroll snapped into a poc helmet is just awesome. Bonus if you are riding in cold weather as it keeps your ears warm.

  • @glyph My buddy has one of these, and I think it is too large. I clip it to my belt a lot which wouldn't be possible with this. I settled on the JBL Clip 2 which has been perfect on my needs. Also I purchased some Airpods which are pretty amazing too. The only reason I don't ride with these all the time is that I want people to hear me coming so they get out of the way (I ride in the city). If you are on the fence on Airpods as I was for a long time, I highly recommend them.

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