Alarm - Foot pad sensor

  • Have had my OneWheel+ for a couple weeks, loving it, but I'm constantly getting a notification: "Alarm - Foot pad sensor: You have activated only one foot pad for more than 5 sec while riding xxx mph" usually once per session. Thus far this doesn't seem to be actually affecting anything, but is it something to worry about? I have only experienced one nose dive so far but I hit 26.5 mph, so from what I have read in this forum, I guess I deserved it?

  • @calejr You can disable that notification in the app settings. I got tired of that and the wheel slip notifications.

  • Newbies don't realize that someone completely unaffiliated with the company wrote the app as an alternative to the shitty app that Future Motion originally offered as the official app, and he added a bunch of crazy features based on what people in the Onewheel community were suggesting. It got so popular that Future Motion bought it and branded it as their own.

    Now all those little features he added cause new users to question why Future Motion did it, but they didn't. The original official app was fucking lame and it did almost nothing. I'm sure a lot of the more confusing features will be written out in upcoming versions.

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