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  • Ok, my OneWheel+ just started making a squeaky wheel noise on each rotation above approx 6mph. Do I just need to ride it a while to work it out or oil it or something? Just searched the forum for some advice but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

  • Hi @calejr, very good question, mine also makes a squeaky noise, but it comes and goes. Usually on my morning commute more than my afternoon return. Cold mornings it seems worse. It does NOT sound like the wheel. More the computer. very interested to hear if you get to the bottom of this issue.
    My board has about 800km (500Miles) on it.

  • @calejr @MrCamel can you post a clip with the audio of this noise so we can try to diagnose?

  • @groovyruvy Yep I'll try to remember to record it next commute.

  • Here is a video - seems to now happen at any speed up to about 13 mphish 80% of the time I ride. I haven't noticed any consistency to when it happens at low speeds and when it doesn't. leaning doesn't seem to affect it either:


    @groovyruvy @MrCamel

  • @calejr well you know what they say . . . . . the squeaky wheel gets the grease :) (sorry, couldn't resist). I listened to the audio in the clip you posted several times, and through the road noise and the 'whirring' of the wheel (both of which are normal) I'm hearing that whining sound, which isn't normal. I can't say what the issue is for sure, but it's possible you have a bad controller module. One of my Originals was making a weird digital noise, it sorta sounded like static mixed in with a Star Wars droid-type language. It came and went but when it came it was loud and noticeable. The board seemed to work fine, but the noise concerned me and it bugged my bros when we rode. I sent it in to FM, they diagnosed the board and isolated the issue to the controller module. They replaced it and sent the board back to me, the noise is gone. Couple long shots here: make sure there's nothing wrapped around the axle, and nothing's jammed between the footpads and the tire. Possibly maybe could be a poorly seated tire (you could deflate it and then reinflate) but if that were the case the board would feel wobbly and I didn't see any of that in your video. Hope this helps.

  • Hello, i noticed that squeaky noise too. But not at all Speeds. So I'm riding regular and noticed with every toeside carv it gets louder and with heelside carvs the noise is gone.
    If I am brave enough to film it while riding i will do, but at this time i practice with free Hands ;) haha
    doesn't hope theres a bad Controller module @groovyruvy because i only own it three days and won't ship it back from europe :(

    Also installed the Fender today and another noise Comes up but I think These are the (i dont know the word, i mean this wheel "hairs") "Pins" at the wheel which brushes the Fender. Maybe will go when the wheel is more used

  • @at_onewheeler
    When there is a malfuntion on the board, FM will pay for shipping and repair, so don't worry.
    The extra noise with the fender can also be some echo and small pebbles hitting the fender.

  • @Polle thanks for your time. But we don't definately know if it is a malfunction. Would it help to send the diagnostic trough the app?

  • @at_onewheeler Best is to open a ticket at FM's support, they will probably tell you to make a video and send it to them...

  • Update/non-update:

    Now the board makes the noise at 0 to approx 8mph about 75% of the time I ride in any given session.
    So, basically, it's not consistent.

    I opened a ticket with support. They asked for my serial # (sent) and if I could recreate the sound by manually turning the wheel with the power off. First attempt I was unable to, but then the board stopped doing it when riding normally so inclusive. Will try again next time I hear it.

  • Update/non-update 2:

    New firmware update - no change. Got the noise again. Def sounds like it's coming from the right side of the wheel (toe side).
    I like the new modes tho!

  • @calejr my noise also come back and it definately Sounds louder than before. But then it gets a little better. Now i have filmed it an opened also a ticket and hope only a bit of oil is necessary haha. But i won't try it on my own because i fear of loosing the warranty.
    Thats the link for the vids: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7PPHnT7zRJ5VThEZG5Ia0tNUTA

  • @at_onewheeler yeah that's an annoying sound. I did the update and don't have anything even close to that, however a lot of riders have been reporting issues since the firmware update. Some of my riding bros have had their board bricked (it no longer turns on, or off, so it can't be ridden) and a lot of guys on the FB page are reporting noises ranging from grinding sounds to the squeak you've got. Weird how different boards are reacting differently to the update.

  • @groovyruvy yeah I read also about that issues and noises but this noise also appeared before the update.
    Don't really know about riding or not. Hope support answers soon

  • @at_onewheeler one of our riding bros resolved the grinding noise by removing the wheel and tightening down the two Allen bolts, after that it was much quieter

  • @groovyruvy that sounds in a way logic but I don't want to void my guaranty for only pulling on two screws

  • @at_onewheeler Send your videos to support if you haven't already. They will probably ask for one when they get back to you so save yourself a step. They will likely just advise you to send it in at their expense. If you can be patient with that repair process then the peace of mind of a properly functioning board will pay off.

  • @sc720 hey thanks. Already send my vids to support 3 days ago
    Hope they offer me a good solution, if i have to sent it in I will do. A short period of no ow is better than time with an issued ow. But hopefully only greasing is enough like @groovyruvy was joking at first haha ;)

  • Your not gonna void your warranty by tightening a couple screws. That would be ridiculous!

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