Squeaky wheel

  • @at_onewheeler one of our riding bros resolved the grinding noise by removing the wheel and tightening down the two Allen bolts, after that it was much quieter

  • @groovyruvy that sounds in a way logic but I don't want to void my guaranty for only pulling on two screws

  • @at_onewheeler Send your videos to support if you haven't already. They will probably ask for one when they get back to you so save yourself a step. They will likely just advise you to send it in at their expense. If you can be patient with that repair process then the peace of mind of a properly functioning board will pay off.

  • @sc720 hey thanks. Already send my vids to support 3 days ago
    Hope they offer me a good solution, if i have to sent it in I will do. A short period of no ow is better than time with an issued ow. But hopefully only greasing is enough like @groovyruvy was joking at first haha ;)

  • Your not gonna void your warranty by tightening a couple screws. That would be ridiculous!

  • @groovyruvy said in Squeaky wheel:

    @at_onewheeler one of our riding bros resolved the grinding noise by removing the wheel and tightening down the two Allen bolts, after that it was much quieter

    @cascadewheeler yes that's true. I don't know if I studied the manual correctly but removing the wheel is a way for void warranty or I am wrong?
    But it must be a simple thing because it is coming and going away on its own. Haven't figured out why the noise starts or stops
    Hope support answers tomorrow

  • This just happened to me. Had a squeaky plus for a few days. Problem went away on its own. Really curious what it was

  • @at_onewheeler

    I have the exact issue, I ride goofy and get it when I ride toe side, every once in a while it goes away but usually returns a day or so later, what was FM’s advice to you, did you fix it ? WD40?

  • @jwheelin no please don't use wd40. Julian at the forum said please never use wd40 for the onewheel. I don't remember the exact reason for that.
    I opened a ticket at FM and they don't solved it remotely. So I had to send my board in. But then I was at vacation and some other troubles began with my board. So more things have to been repaired by FM. But I never got it back because FedEx lost my board after picking it up. So I don't know if the repairs worked :( very sad about it. FedEx offered fm a 750$ insurance value. So I hope fm is customer friendly and they replace my lost board. Because it was only on use about 3 months.

  • @at_onewheeler Hi everybody,
    This is really annoying from FM that they impose we don't "touch a screw" as we have issues with our OW's and to be obliged to send/seperate from it for so (seemly) little things.
    In this case of noise, couldn't it be a problem of axles' alloy quality that has been prematurely worn down?
    The FMs' attitude asking not to touch anything on our boards could stem from them not willing we discover where materials come from or how they're made?
    Many comments I read on this forum make me think FM is not so honest and don't deserve to get all the money we give them for such a quality's product.
    They know they have a "gold mine" with the OW and us as addicts, and want to preserve their incomes without spending for the quality we're waiting for.
    I don't pretend it's the truth but a possibility and that's a bad feeling.
    Wish I mistake ;-)

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