Build your own Onewheel

  • This is a DIY from 2007, and it's possible this is the one Kyle followed to make his original prototype:

    Two bits I found most interesting:

    1. (Regarding what's now much discussed in the pushback/nosedive threads) "At the moment there's no speed limiting which is a pain as a bit of headroom is required to stop the rider from falling off the front. I'm either going to add a buzzer indicating that the integrator is wound up and you're near max speed or some kind of auto lean back type thing."

    2. (One of the reasons the Onewheel is so expensive)
      "Ideally I'd like a brushless DC hub mounted motor inside the wheel, but motor and control costs were a little high."

  • wow. cool share. i've been asked a few times if i 'made it'. ... i can barely hammer a nail into a plank.

  • But seriously, looking at these "instructions," it sure makes you thankful that Kyle decided to make the leap so this tech could be purchased. I would never be able to make one of these things based on any of the DIYs I've seen. Most of it makes zero sense to me.

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