Customize LED lights?

  • Hello,

    Just got my OneWheel+ in, and already enjoying it.

    My question is regarding possible customization of the LED patterns. Can I alter colors and/or change the pattern? I'll be using mine in conjunction with my job at major festivals and music events, and I'd like to have a more strobe-esque pattern (perhaps some good ole Knight Rider fun as well).

    Basically, I'd like to have the LEDs be more striking and noticible to clear a path for me as I go between stages and likely cut through a large crowd. Any chance that's a feature?

  • @aperson welcome to the tribe! The only thing you can do with FM's Onewheel app is turn the lights on and off. If you have an Android device (not sure it's available for Apple) you can download the POWheel app. With that you can set the front and/or the rear lights to blink, and you can also choose to make the LEDs brighter. For working at major festivals and events, to alert crowds you're trying to cut through and to clear a path, a bike-type / helmet-compatible spotlight with strobe feature might be nice.

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