PSI for off-road question

  • Does anyone have a recommended PSI for off-roading on the +. Specifically thinking about rides at Burning Man, which is generally hard packed, but definitely not paved. Wondering what I can do to get the absolute strongest range, as charging on the go will be a challenge.

  • For a hard packed surface, you don't really need to bring the PSI down. That's more for off-roading with (occasional) significant bumps (roots, rocks, large gravel). And even then, I only bring it down to 15 PSI, which still gives pretty good battery range.

  • @forzabucks longest range = less rolling resistance, so "technically speaking" you want to if anything run slightly higher pressure. basically sand in any forms kills range as it have a high rolling resistance. probably you want to toss a monster battery in the bottom of your backpack :-)

  • It all depends on your weight, i'm 175 pounds. I lower the tire pressure to 18 PSI for off-road tails, walking paths, gravel roads, etc.

  • @forzabucks a good rule of thumb for hard / hard-packed surfaces is: whatever your weight, divide by 10 and go with that for your PSI. @SkyPilot 's right on with 18 PSI at 175#. I'm more like 210# and ride between 20-21 PSI. For serious offroading, you may have a better riding experience / better able to maintain control and traction by reducing your PSI. Start by taking 25% PSI out and go from there. The lower your PSI, the lower your range will be, as pointed out by @Dansker; and don't go too low on PSI, as you could trigger other issues.

  • @groovyruvy I weigh 400lbs so I pumped up the tire to 40psi and it exploded.

  • @thegreck Hahaha!

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