Commuting stories and tips

  • I find that riding down to the train and taking the train is a really excellent way to get to work. The train avoids traffic and I avoid traffic snarls on my board. I arrive refreshed and energized. So far, people pretend not to notice that you are riding a completely novel form of transportation, but some people, especially younger people exclaim things like "that man has a magic surfboard!!" or "OMG I want one!", both of which I can understand.

  • When I ride past adults on the sidewalk, I hear "" "...check that out..." When I go past the elementary school playground I hear "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!"

  • I have the fender, which is great for holding the board on your shoulder and not getting dirty, or leading the board against your leg if there's no wall room.

  • By my math, a commute come costs ONE CENT in energy. That's amazing! The battery holds 130 Wh, so that's 0.13 kWh, and electricity in PDX is 7 cents a Kwh. It takes the whole battery to get home, basically, because it's 5 1/2 miles, with an elevation gain of 280 feet.

  • Cities really should embrace "last mile" solutions, particularly with you doing 5 miles its really a lot of impact removed from the city in terms of noise, infrastructure impact and the exhaust from your ride is outside the city at the power plant. win-win and better for everybody making the city a better place.

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