Onewheel+ just got better. The new Andromeda is here

  • Firmware is everything. It's the code that controls how the board rides and feels. We're pretty darn good at programing it, some say the best in the world, and that's why your Onewheel rides so unbelievably smoothly.

    The coolest part? We can send new firmware to you via the Onewheel app on your smartphones so your board can actually evolve just as you do. It's powerful stuff.

    Have any questions? Check out the FAQ below and enjoy!


    What’s the difference between the new firmware and the old firmware?
    The new Andromeda firmware takes the experience of riding a Onewheel to the next level. Smoother, zippier and float-ier, we’ve increased overall rideability and pushed the performance envelope with this firmware update. It’s one of those thing you have to try to understand so go update your board and see for yourself!

    In addition to overall performance boost, Andromeda also introduces Delirium and Elevated Digital Shaping settings which increase off-road and hill climbing capabilities. It’s next level, check it out!

    How are the shapings different?
    Each Digital Shaping setting provides a different ride feel and performance envelope. For more information on the characteristics of each Digital Shaping setting hit the “?” icon at the lower right hand corner of the Digital Shaping bar in the Onewheel app.

    What is Delirium?
    Delirium is a new Digital Shaping setting designed to excel in all-terrain conditions. Tighter, punchier and more responsive, Delirium feels like riding a Onewheel that just chugged an energy drink. It wants to go so head out and swipe over to Delirium in the Onewheel app and let her rip!

    What is Elevated?
    Elevated is a Digital Shaping setting that helps riders fly up steep grades. When riding in Elevated, the nose of the board rides angled up to give the rider more clearance and a back foot heavy riding feel. Loved by many Onewheel riders, we decided to make Elevated available for Onewheel+. You can switch into Elevated Shaping by swiping into it with the Onewheel app.

    How do I get the new firmware?
    Getting the new Andromeda firmware is going to make Onewheel+ life even more awesome!

    To get started, update your Onewheel app on your smartphone. Once the app is updated, open it and connect to your board, you will see a message that asks you if you’d like to upgrade your firmware.

    Make sure your board is plugged into the charger and then select “Update” in your Onewheel app. Place your phone on the front footpad of the board during the update and do not use your phone for anything else or unplug your Onewheel from the charger. Once the update is complete (should take 2-3 minutes) you will see a confirmation screen on your smartphone and you are good to go. Your board just got better!

    My upload failed. What should I do?
    Don’t panic! You got this!

    Most failures will occur for four reasons

    • Your phone was taken out of range (don’t walk away from the board with your phone in your pocket).
    • Your Onewheel was unplugged midway through the update. Your board needs to have a power source during an update of this magnitude. Leave it plugged in.
    • You closed your Onewheel app. It needs to be open...
    • Your phone died during the update. Plug in your phone…

    To recover your firmware update, connect to your board again. You will see a message that your update failed or your firmware is corrupted. Select OK and follow the firmware installations instructions on the app. Read them! Make sure your board is plugged in, make sure your phone is in charged and in range and then select ‘start update’. The progress will start again and you should be good to go.

    Do new boards come with new firmware?
    Yes! We are happy to say that all new Onewheel+ boards come with the new Andromeda firmware pre-loaded so you are set to jet right out of the box.

    Can my original Onewheel get the new firmware?
    The new Andromeda firmware leverages the increased power of the Onewheel+ motor so unfortunately that tuning is not transferable to original Onewheels. We’d definitely recommend finding a friend or a local retailer with a Onewheel+ to try it out. You might just need another board in your life!

    I’m an android user. When can I get the new firmware?
    We haven't forgotten about you guys! The android update will be available in the play store soon, really soon.

  • @future-motion Very uncool that you would release this on one platform before the other. Why not wait for it to be ready to launch an Android before dropping the update? I think we deserve to know the date it will launch for Android, refreshing the Play store every hour is gonna get real old, real fast!

  • Ya no doubt! Get it's all hyped up ready to install new firmware then at the very end.... sorry no android version. :(

  • Hi, this is only for the New OneWheel? I have one of the original, no firmware updates?

  • Really?! No android! Come on. Not cool.

  • FM, what happens if I use a friends iphone for FW update and then connect with my android?

  • @sonny123 Thats what I'm doing right now. Also, where is this magical update button on the app. Don't see it after updating from iphone store. Screenshots?

  • @cworsley4 switch to a new shaping and it will prompt the update

  • @sonny123 hey Sonny a bunch of us onewheelers are meeting up tonight in Central Park if you want to join / update

  • @powerwheel5000

    Wish I could. Shoot some pix. ;)

  • @dariusz - I agree- this is pretty lame. After supporting the company as a struggling startup, putting up with month upon month of delivery delays and crap early firmware, all of a sudden the company decides to go all Apple on us to flog the new product by dropping firmware upgrades on the OW original like a hot potato. Sad!

  • @sonny123 Subscribing to this for the exact same reason.

    @Future-Motion : What happens if we update the board using an iPhone and then connect using the Android app? I'm guessing we just won't see the new modes but everything else would remain the same? Or since the riding modes are referenced by number, does Sequoia now mean elevated and Mission now means Delirium?

    Thanks for creating the Onewheel! It's awesome

  • @dj-rknz It's a 3rd party developer. They have to port the iOS app to Android. Think you can do better? Then stop complaining

  • @powerwheel5000 I just switch around and nothing :/ Do I have to be logged in to my account in the app?

  • @tonyrumans -

    I'm not talking about the iPhone / Android issue. I'm talking about firmware upgrades for the + but not for the original.

  • @cworsley4

    Might wanna delete and reinstall app.

  • @tonyrumans

    From FB page

    If you are a android user like myself, here is what you will need to do in order to ride Delerium and elevated.

    1. Borrow an IPhone and update your firmware.
    2. once firmware is installed give the phone back and bail
    3. with board powered off, put it on its side and press the power button.
    4. tap the front sensor with your hand to manually change modes. The power light will blink to indicate modes. 9 blinks is Delerium. 8 blinks is elevated. 7 blinks is mission.

    Have fun!

  • @sonny123 Yes!! Thank you!

  • I'm glad they released the iPhone version when it was ready rather than waiting until the Android version was ready too. Why make some people wait?

    Then again, I use an iPhone. :-)

  • Good thing there's a way around it.
    Pretty sure FM working on android version and will be released soon.

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