Onewheel+ just got better. The new Andromeda is here

  • So just did my first couple of miles on Delirium and it's seems awesome to me! I love how responsive and powerful it feels. It does seem a little weird in how it handles bumps and drops. However I think it is ultimately better as it seems to account/respond to them better but I'm used to having to compensate for them differently. For example I was riding pretty fast and heard someone yell so I was looking at them and not where I was going, and I went off a little lip of the sidewalk. Normally this would have made me get squirrely and drop the tail or something, BUT I just kept going like nothing happened. So the board compensated in whatever way that made it so I didn't have to adjust for a drop as I normally would. I was able to charge bumps drops etc at speed in a way I was previously wasn't able to... The board is definitely louder which I really notice when sitting idle. It feels a little weird at times when the motor seems to add more power going over bumps and going up hills...
    Curious to hear others thoughts

  • Used an old ipad to update it since I have an android phone. Took a little while to find it in the store - had to change the filter to iphone-only, then used the tap mode to change (thank for the tip!). Delirium felt fun - altho I'm a newbie, maybe the email just primed me and it was all in my head, but it felt like I could take turns sharper / make figure eights easier / etc.

  • On it. testing in the morning. thank you FM!!!!!

  • all good x

  • 80% of the world's smartphones run Android, but Future Motion yet again disses Android users (see also no AndroidWear support) in favor of iOS.

    Meanwhile, I get ten ten targeted Facebook ads a day to buy a product I already have purchased (which was finally delivered after three delays) and have owned for three months.

    FM, you need to take some of your budget away from Marketing and move it to Software and Customer Relations.

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  • @future-motion
    Here's a challenge for you "darn good" programmer guys.

    Can you program the board to have it switch mode on the fly.

    Example: Let's say I am in Delirium mode and i am approaching an incline grade/ slope and now I need to spontaneously switch to elevated mode, so I tap a button on my onewheel app and the board instantly respond with a nose up.

    Thanks for being such " darn good " programmers
    I am looking forward for this feature to be implemented by the time the Android version of Andromeda arrives.

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  • @heyitsme actual stats:


    I'm not trying to start an argument, but complaints about the business case of focusing on iPhone over android are misinformed. Two of the world's five best selling phones are iPhones.

    And from a development standpoint, android can be a headache at times due to the fractured nature of the device market. there are a LOT of potential versions and hardware platforms, which can drive more difficult dev/test/customer support cost.

    It's also worth noting that FM wholly replaced the app this year based on the great work done by a OWer independently, so it's no surprise that platform (iPhone) is still leads android releases.

    i know it's an inconvenience, but for now you can borrow a phone, ipad, ot touch to do the upgrade and you can change modes manually on the board.

  • @tsar_chasm said in Onewheel+ just got better. The new Andromeda is here:

    @future-motion Very uncool that you would release this on one platform before the other. Why not wait for it to be ready to launch an Android before dropping the update? I think we deserve to know the date it will launch for Android, refreshing the Play store every hour is gonna get real old, real fast!

    Learn some patience. Do you have any idea what goes into the creation of these apps? How does holding the iOS release until the Android release help you in any way? That's the most selfish thing I've ever heard. Chill out.

  • Common for any software vendor to release mobile updates on one platform before the other.

  • At what mileage or usage level does delirium unlock? Still locked on mine, but I don't have enough experience yet anyway. Just curious.

  • To everyone gouging FM for the release.... Even if FM finished both simultaneously, the respective app stores could keep the rollout from being the same. Additionally, the staggered roll-out approach is actually better for both us and them. It helps gauge any issues with the firmware/app with early adopters before a complete roll-out. I do wish the firmwares were separate from the app, and available as separate files. This would remove the need to update the app at all for firmware updates. Additionally, you could revert a bad firmware update to a previous firmware you were comfortable with. If FM wants to share the boards API, and host the firmwares, I'm sure some of us devs would be happy to help make this happen ;)

    Thanks FM for the awesome board and continuous improvements.

  • @keithers do you have updated the FW with an iPhone? After updating I logged out my account, closed the app, reopened and singed in again on my account. After that elevated and delirium was ready to go :) I also don't have.much experience. Got my + since 5 days and zipped 100km with a lot of fun :D

  • @kull I'm sorry, did Apple users pay more to deserve an earlier release? I don't care about goes into the app's creation, if it's released for one group it should be released to both. Go sit on a cactus if you disagree.

  • @iiikz The article you post states sales for phone models, not OS platforms. Of course the most current generation iPhone is going to be the best selling phone at any given time as Apple doesn't license iOS to any other companies. That doesn't change the fact that their global install base is only 20% (although considerably higher in developed countries). But regardless of the "business case," it is a really crappy way to treat the majority of your customers.

  • Hey Folks, you should update your Android apps.

  • @future-motion said in Onewheel+ just got better. The new Andromeda is here:

    Hey Folks, you should update your Android apps.


  • @future-motion how about us Windows users? Please represent!

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