Tried Delirium yet?

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  • I feel less of a push forward when dropping down or going over bumps. Just took it for a short ride trough Amsterdam and even tried the half pipe but the metal was too smooth so only got wheel spin.

  • @john-john

    That's awesome if they fixed that.
    Almost felt like someone pulling the carpet under you when dropping down a curb.

  • Word on FB page is, it's freaking fantastic.
    Can't wait to update...

  • It's Andromeda that's key, not Delirium. Nice work Gus, big improvement.

  • So just did my first couple of miles on Delirium and it's seems awesome to me! I love how responsive and powerful it feels. It does seem a little weird in how it handles bumps and drops. However I think it is ultimately better as it seems to account/respond to them better but I'm used to having to compensate for them differently. For example I was riding pretty fast and heard someone yell so I was looking at them and not where I was going, and I went off a little lip of the sidewalk. Normally this would have made me get squirrely and drop the tail or something, BUT I just kept going like nothing happened. So the board compensated in whatever way that made it so I didn't have to adjust for a drop as I normally would. I was able to charge bumps drops etc at speed in a way I was previously wasn't able to... The board is definitely louder which I really notice when sitting idle. It feels a little weird at times when the motor seems to add more power going over bumps and going up hills...
    Curious to hear others thoughts

  • I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my board but all modes seem to exhibit a minor jerkiness that is much more pronounced as the incline grade increases. It's very pronounced on steeper hills and is affecting all the modes I tested (delirium, Mission and elevated). It feels like the board is trying to accelerate out from under you for a quarter of a second, and then repeats this every few seconds as long as you are accelerating or maintaining a speed above 8mph.

    The couple miles on rough sidewalk with a slight downgrade in Delirium was amazing though, the board is SUPER responsive for carving and it handles drops and rough road so much better.

  • Sounds like the + will go from a Cadillac to SUV.
    Heck, one thing I love about the + is the smoothness.
    Thinking of uninstalling app so they don't shove a new FW down my throat that I end up hating.. lol..
    My V1 ain't going anywhere...

  • well, just took it out for the first time.. so much more torque. i love how quickly it responds. i feel like i'm getting kick back .5 mph sooner than Mission tho... i have a car mph thingie stationed outside my apartment and kickback at 15.5. it didn't feel like it kickbacked as hard as Mission tho???

    it's 9pm here in Denver and i didn't want to push it so hard at night. can't wait for tomorrow..

  • I just rode the Plus (Delirium) for a half hour and then jumped on the V1 mission for a half hour here is what I think... I was hoping the Plus would be as nimble in its turning as the V1. In that area V1 is still RULES! Delirium fixed the issue with dropping off curbs and hitting bumps off road. But that was a software fix not an upgrade from V1 software right? The plus is 20%-25% better but mostly because of less pushback and a few other things that are pretty cool... Is it just me? I'm not blown away with the new software upgrade. Still love the Plus, but just keeping it real... If you can help it never give up the V1 for slow cruises.... IT ROCKS! All for now

  • I tried for a short time. I'm 210 pounds and it seems like it handles my weight much better. It feels like the front of the OW stays leveled most of the time (doesn't go down as easy as in mission). Please, let us know your thoughts.

  • @michaelw i think it's too early to make a fair assessment of the firmware update. i only rode for a total of 30% battery. looking forward to the next few days.. man, the torque is GREAT tho!

  • Loving the improved modes all around, more stability on bumps is amazing! Delirium is interesting, but the engine response doesn't fully make sense to me yet. I'm feeling some sort of a kickback after revving. Mission and Cruz are so much fun. Thanks FM!

  • Does anybody know when the delirium update for android is coming out?

  • @mcguiles agreed but so far I'm not blown away. I was hoping for nimble and some toggle switches to control shaping on my own a bit. Not disappointed at all I just don't think its a big jump I can really feel all that much. Also, there is an issue with what feels like slipping gears. Kind of glitchy. Not the pushback though. Its totally not purposeful.

  • Well, from reading FB page, most are loving the new FW, few are not happy.
    You can't please all but my guess, FM had been messing with this until they made sure it's a winner.
    I guess it's a matter of giving it more time to get accustomed with it.
    meanwhile, I'm holding tight to my old FW because once it's gone, it's gone forever. lol..
    I guess not having an iphone is a good thing.. hehe...

  • Hey all. Still a beginner here. I've had my onewheel+ for about a month but have been so consumed with work that I've only put like 4 miles tops on it.

    At what point do the two new modes (delirium and other) unlock?

    I wouldn't try it yet as I still suck at dismounting lol, but just wondering

  • @keithers the two new modes do NOT require unlocking. Simply download the app from the App Store and connect the Onewheel app to your board and it will prompt you to update the firmware. Once updated, you have access to the two new modes: Delerium and Elevated. Incredible ride. Smooth and more responsive.

  • Great, Android is available now and upgraded already.
    Hitting a test ride.

  • Okay, out shredding.
    After 2 miles impression:
    On a scale of 1-10
    A mighty 11
    More later.

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