Tried Delirium yet?

  • Great, Android is available now and upgraded already.
    Hitting a test ride.

  • Okay, out shredding.
    After 2 miles impression:
    On a scale of 1-10
    A mighty 11
    More later.

  • Well, in one word. Solid.
    First thing you'll notice in Delirium, the leaning back and forward is slightly stiffer, but in a good way. I like it.
    The jittery feeling/sudden acceleration is nothing to fuss about IMO.
    If you've ever nose-dived because of sudden over-acceleration, this feature will save your ass.
    It's programmed ever so subtle that I didn't find annoying at all, if anything, it gives me more confidence in the board.
    Elevated is a joy if you enjoy that feature. At one time I rode it on my V1 and enjoyed it for a while but prefer flat over all.
    Mission is pretty much the same without that tail drop on the previous FW.
    It does have that same jittery feeling like in Delirium, but it's there for a good reason.
    Glad I upgraded. As Rambo said on FB page, it's the way the + should be.
    Damn you FM. You've always exceeded my expectations.
    Quick video uploading.

  • Briefly tried Delirium last night and really noticed the extra responsiveness and torque. Will be interested to see how the range is affected.

    I think it's awesome that with no extra cost, my board just got two new modes! Good job FM!

  • I did a 4-mile street ride in Delirium mode and overall I liked it and found it to be easier to manage over bumps and curb drops. I also felt the board seemed heavier and a little stickier, not quite as responsive as mission. From what I'm reading delirium really pays off in off-road situations, that's probably where I'll use it most as I really do like mission for street and light off-road.

  • @groovyruvy

    Been riding Delirium on streets and everything else.
    I ran something like 4 charges last night and slept like a baby. lol..

  • Been giving Delerium a try in the back yard. It really smooths out off-road by preventing the nose drops like others have mentioned. My guess is that the software is detecting vertical acceleration and preemptively applying throttle as it seems to know it's about to hit a bump, which is exactly what it needed for off-road (I've done a lot of grass riding in mission). In any event off-roading feels a lot more like snowboarding as a result. Turns at slow speed feel a hair different as it keeps the nose up a lot more so it feels "stiffer". I'm really excited to take it to the park but have some stuff to do first.

  • @roundel The range for me for Delirium is at 6.0-6.2 miles and for Mission I'm getting 6.5-6.7 miles per charge.. I'm 210lbs and ride @ 20psi.. prior to FW update I was getting close to 7 miles per charge on mission so not much of a difference in range in my experience.

    I'm loving the new FW all around.. the improved bump/drop handling alone makes it worth the update.. the 2 new modes is just a bonus.. Delirium is the missing link for riding my local area.. with all the bumps/dips and crappy old concrete side walks w/ no bike lanes it handles like a champ now.. mission shaping for everything else.

  • @hitechrob said in Tried Delirium yet?:

    @keithers the two new modes do NOT require unlocking. Simply download the app from the App Store and connect the Onewheel app to your board and it will prompt you to update the firmware. Once updated, you have access to the two new modes: Delerium and Elevated. Incredible ride. Smooth and more responsive.

    That's weird I think mine have locks on them?

  • @keithers Immediately after updating the firmware they will still show locked. You should just restart the app; it should reconnect to the board and now confirm the board has the new firmware, after which the modes will show unlocked.

  • @keithers first mine too, after closing and reopen the app like told in the forum also doesn't work. After logging out and logging in at my rider profile then it worked. And it works fine in my opinion :D delirium. I need more practice for elevated. It's a unfamiliar feeling at this time
    Hope it works for you

  • I'm really unhappy with it. It's mostly fine on moderate terrain, but I'm experiencing significant "punchy" surges when climbing hills - It feels like the motor cuts and instantly re-engages making the board feel like it wants to shoot out from under your feet. I think this is due to a combo of weight, and riding style. I'm 215 and don't like to "bomb" hills. Makes me feel unsafe and not in control. The previous Mission shaping was much preferable to me.

  • @markstaben exactly. The upgrade feels like they fixed some issues but replaced them with others.

  • @markstaben

    Keep riding and try not to acknowledge it until you won't notice it anymore.

  • I like Delirium. It feels solid. When you get up to cruising speed, the rock back is more gentle. It feels somehow more solid and stable, more responsive. Feels less mushy than Mission. I feel less likely to nosedive. It's my new favorite. I'm a new rider (only 100 miles).

  • @sonny123 Definitely agree as I was annoyed by some of the jerkiness at first but as I started to ignore it / embrace it. I find that I don't notice the jerkiness but just notice the benefits it provides.

  • @goodblake-eskate

    Yep, there are times when I get it more than others, depending on terrain.
    It's really not that bad.

  • Delerium is good on single trails. Bumps over roots don't seem to send you accelerating like mad and there appears to be added resistance when carving on loose stuff, you stick more, adding control.

  • I tried Delirium for the first time last night as was blown away - definitely the best ride I've had so far. I feel much more in control of the board. Even ran right into the corner of a curb by accident and recovered smoothly without wiping out or flailing my arms to regain my balance.

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