Tried Delirium yet?

  • @ow-miami you're not the only one who's reported a loud grinding-type noise after the update

  • Here are some of my observations compared to the old Mission. I've ridden 500+ miles before this firmware update.

    Carving is smoother on delirium at high speeds. There is no longer significant elevated nose pushback at 14 mph, making it easier to link wide s-turns. The toe side turn seems to benefit more with the neutral stance at higher speeds. I can crouch easier and hold with the back leg to initiate whereas you would fight the pushback before at an incline angle. Acceleration is smoother and faster, compared to the old mission it feels probably 30-40% quicker. Curbs are easier to drop than before and the algorithms don't kick the nose up immediately once you're airborne. Also, running over succession bumps allow you to maintain speed in a neutral position without the pushback. Downhill terrain and bumps feel the way it should be without any tail slides from wheel slips around 15 mph. Offroad terrain the extra torque and acceleration allows me to go up steeper grades where I couldn't before. Lastly, backleg feels more of a powder leg burn than before from more of neutral stance.

  • I'm 220 Pounds, Delirium is ideal for heavy riders, the nose feels more solid, acceleration better. The extra torque will hopefully reduce nosedives.

  • @sonny123 that torque!!!

  • @jaconz yup - loving it for my 220 body. Almost feels as if it's pulling me through dips, holes, bumps etc. so far so good

  • Going from delirium to Cruz then back to delirium really shows off the shaping differences. I really like delirium. I feel safer above 14 mph and feel like bumps and grass are easier. I love the acceleration! That said I am at 30 miles so not the most experienced.

  • @roundel your comments are in line with what a lot of us are saying

  • Loving me some delirium also. Always have wanted a little more from my boards. While riding I was like damn I wish my kickstarter board rode like this since day 1.

  • Yes, Delirium is definitely the fat man's mode. With my 220 Pounds I had to ride delicately in Mission.Now I can really stomp on that nose :-)

  • I'm a big guy (230+lbs) and after riding both for awhile I think I actually like Mission better at least on smooth pavement. Delirium is tighter and possibly more confidence inspiring...except it's stiffer and doesn't want to turn as easily. Misson is looser and I actually end up going a little faster in mission than delirium because I am more comfortable with that looser feel. Both are nice and very rideable...definitely down to a personal preference thing.

  • @davew0815

    Agreed. Enjoyed Delirium the first few days.
    Then went back to mission and seems a bit looser.
    Sticking to it.

  • @davew0815 Mission is meant to be ridden on pavement and Delirium was designed for aggressive dirt path riding.

  • @thegreck said in Tried Delirium yet?:

    @davew0815 Mission is meant to be ridden on pavement and Delirium was designed for aggressive dirt path riding.

    Yes, this ^^. I rodeout into a baseball field in Mission and then rode back on Delirium and the difference / benefit on grass is amazing. I still ride 75% on pavement in Mission but now it feels like a totally different board offroad.

    Amazed that @Future-Motion was able to do all this without any hardware changes. It's like two boards in one.

  • @skyman88 Cool!

  • That's good to know. I need to venture out and try some more offroad riding beyond the grass in my yard. :)

  • @groovyruvy - started checking over the board before I sent it in. Turns out all four main bolts were SUPER loose (like about to fall the fuck out loose)...

    Put some torque on them and now I'm golden.

  • @ow-miami awesome! When you say '4 main bolts' are you referring to the 2 bolts on each rail to the left and right of the hub?

  • @ow-miami that is excellent!! Nicely done.

  • I finally got the chance to try the Delirium shaping mode today. I am very used to Mission, so I had a great idea of what would and wouldn't feel different. Right off the bat, it was an incredibly noticeable difference between the two modes. Mission shaping provided a very maneuverable board, and immediately felt like someone has taken the trucks of a skateboard and loosened them up to provide a shorter turning radius, easier maneuverability at slow speeds (and is still of course capable of that at higher speeds), but not quite as confident of a feeling when reaching higher top speeds because of this reason (although still comfortable for me). As soon as I switched to Delirium shaping, which I switched back and forth between that and Mission many times during testing, I noticed the opposite attributes. Delirium shaping had the equivalent feeling of tightening up the trucks on a skateboard, and quite a bit too. It did not have the turning radius of Mission shaping, provided more difficulty maneuvering at slower speeds, but a much more confident solid feeling at mid to higher speeds, even when I was going over uneven terrain. I didn't test it to its top speed, nor did I try to make the board go into Pushback, but I didn't feel the need to as I was happy with the difference I was seeing between both modes. I see myself riding in Mission shaping more often for the type of riding I enjoy, but can definitely see where Delirium shaping will come in handy at times.

    It was amazing seeing how drastically different a shaping mode can be with just firmware changes. A huge thumbs up to the FM team for making it possible.

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