Tried Delirium yet?

  • I finally got the chance to try the Delirium shaping mode today. I am very used to Mission, so I had a great idea of what would and wouldn't feel different. Right off the bat, it was an incredibly noticeable difference between the two modes. Mission shaping provided a very maneuverable board, and immediately felt like someone has taken the trucks of a skateboard and loosened them up to provide a shorter turning radius, easier maneuverability at slow speeds (and is still of course capable of that at higher speeds), but not quite as confident of a feeling when reaching higher top speeds because of this reason (although still comfortable for me). As soon as I switched to Delirium shaping, which I switched back and forth between that and Mission many times during testing, I noticed the opposite attributes. Delirium shaping had the equivalent feeling of tightening up the trucks on a skateboard, and quite a bit too. It did not have the turning radius of Mission shaping, provided more difficulty maneuvering at slower speeds, but a much more confident solid feeling at mid to higher speeds, even when I was going over uneven terrain. I didn't test it to its top speed, nor did I try to make the board go into Pushback, but I didn't feel the need to as I was happy with the difference I was seeing between both modes. I see myself riding in Mission shaping more often for the type of riding I enjoy, but can definitely see where Delirium shaping will come in handy at times.

    It was amazing seeing how drastically different a shaping mode can be with just firmware changes. A huge thumbs up to the FM team for making it possible.

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