Cheating Detected Notification

  • So I had a OneWheel+ Nose Dive accident a few months ago (possible faulty sensor according to the error notifications) and sent it in to get the sensor replaced (screw holes were stripped on the bumper, so couldn't do it myself). Today I finally decided to give my OneWheel+ another chance. I used to ride in Mission mode before the accident, but I decided to put it in Cruz mode just to be safe and keep my speed under 13mph. I rode for about 2.2 miles to the store to get some safety gear. When I stepped off at the store and checked my phone (Android) and there was a OneWheel notification saying:

    Cheating Detected
    Please don't cheat...
    (Code B)

    I don't know what I did that would be considered cheating lol. I rode at about 10-12MPH most the way. The only thing I can think of is at some busy intersections I would dismount my OneWheel, leave it on, and walk across the crosswalk holding it by the bumper handle, then get back on at the other side. I don't know how that's considered cheating. Maybe the GPS on my phone went good for a second and showed me in a completely different area, IDK.

    Any one else notice this issue?

  • @blugamer44 I'm not certain but maybe it's a message telling you that the board thinks you're trying to generate a top speed record without really riding the board, although I'm not sure that anything you did would trigger that. Or maybe it caught you riding your carbon GT and got jealous :-)

  • @blugamer44 I think I read somewhere that this is an old notification from the OWBuddy app that was the precursor to the new official OW app. I don't know for sure though

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