a la carte shaping mode

  • so i would like a shaping mode that had options for advanced users

    top speed: low 8 / mid 10 / high 12
    ts pushback: yes / no
    accelearation: gradual / aggressive
    elevated nose: yes / no

    so on and so forth

    i think onewheel users love their boards, no one who pays 1500 bucks for something like this is a "casual" user, so i don't think these options would be misleading or difficult

    i just switched my board from classic to extreme today and i'll never go back, but the only differances i noticed were an increased top speed and the lack of pushback at high speed.

    oh and i thought the app lighting control was like dim / normal / brightest i really think it's dangerous that you can turn the lighting off, i mean they're led's they can't be taking up much battery life, unless i totally misunderstood the lighting icon

  • I had the same idea at first but it doesn't seem necessary anymore since I don't think anyone would pick a performance setting lower than current extreme settings. Once you are an experienced rider you just want maximum performance which is what they are trying to give with extreme. So the only real options to disable would be safety features built into 2.0 such as pushback in extreme.

    I don't know about everyone else but I seem to get light pushback at 13mph even though it's supposed to go up to 15. I'm fine with this because I'm sure it's keeping me safe but I could see why some would want to turn this off.

    Right now they need to focus on the android app because I cannot imagine using the board without the app. If I were an android user id pickup the cheapest iOS device that can connect to onewheel in the meantime.

  • I've found if you delicately approach max speed, you can coax the board up to 14.25-14.5 (according to the app). But, you can't just lean hard into it. The pushback will keep you around 13. You have to approach it like you're trying not to activate the pushback and you can get an extra mph out of it.

    Completely agree on purchasing a cheap iOS device if one can afford it. If tables were turned and the app was Android-only, I would've purchased a cheap Android device months ago.

  • i just feel like the riding experience is different for everyone, i ride mostly for fun and occasionally for transportation, but i would choose a setting with

    mid top speed
    no pushback
    gradual acceleration
    no elevation

    and i'm an experienced rider, i can skate, surf, and snowboard and i ride my onewheel every night around the quiet streets of my neighborhood for at least an hour, and on the weekends with my gf while she's biking.

    but i want to enjoy the ride as much as possible, i don't need the ultra top speed and feel the board is more stable at 10 ish mph than 13 and also carves better, i hate the pushback, i find the acceleration on casual mode to be plenty oomph (probably because i'm a small dude so with me on it it's no sweat for the onewheel to get up and go) and i doubt i'd need elevation of the nose as i already don't like top speed pushback.

    honestly after a week of riding on extreme i like it better than casual, but it's still not right for me, i need a setting in the middle, something like "veteran" or "cruiser"

  • I'm with you. I like cruising around my neighborhood. I don't need all that speed because you're right, it doesn't feel as stable and I like to carve around.

    I'd probably start with my settings how you described and adjust from there if I had a total customization settings.

  • Mid top speed with no pushback settings sound dangerous to me. Your saying if at 10 mph the board wouldn't push back but also wouldn't speed up if you accidentally or purposefully lean farther forward therefore letting you touch down and go over the front. Isn't it better to just pace around 10mph and have that extra speed in case you lean too far forward? I'm with you that I like 10mph, but I'm also glad it's not limiting to that.

    I could see 10mph with pushback going over that for intermediate riders or someone experienced who just wants to make sure you keep it at ten max rather than the 13 where pushback normally starts in extreme.

  • Maybe not so much push back then? Something to where if I lean forward more the nose won't dive into the ground and dig in.

    I balance it now at a lower speed...the more I think about this, I think I just really wish I could customize the whole thing myself.

  • If I'm understanding how push back works correctly, there are only two options to keeping the board from digging into the ground when leaning forward.

    1. speed up just enough to keep the board level...but riding faster.

    2. speed up even faster past level to push the rider back....push back.

  • @Franky - exactly. Pushback is the only way to limit speed while also maintaining control/balance.

  • well light pushback to indicate top speed is fine and may in fact be a necessity as in the "no pushback" of extreme mode, but the intense pushback of classic mode is what i'm seeking to avoid.

    i've taken my onewheel to max speed in extreme mode and felt the light pushback and i have no problem with that, in a la carte shaping mode i believe this is what the "no pushback" option would offer.

    what i'm really trying to avoid is going past what i feel is the optimum cruising speed, at around 10mph the board feels stable and can quickly and deeply carve, as i approach the max speed of extreme mode it feels unstable and twichy.

  • @dicorci Good, I thought people actually wanted to remove the pushback completely. Without the vibrating from E1.0 (even if I can still feel it a bit when going full speed over a small bump) and no pushback, you would have no idea when to stop and just fall over all the time.
    The gentle pushback of E2.0 is very good. I feel no problem with ignoring speed-limits, something I couldn't on 1.0, and just let the board naturally stop me from going too fast.

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