Hoverboards banned on airlines

  • http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/delta-hoverboards-fire-danger-bans-35701572?nfo=/desktop_newsfeed_ab_refer_homepage

    wow - this sucks! will they really take the time to distinguish between Piece of shit hoverboard and the onewheel? probably not - I'm pretty sure no onewheel on flights either.

    About to head to the Bahamas next week and was planning on taking the onewheel via United. what a bummer.

  • lol, the NYC police station claimed to ban people riding hoverboard as well, but those cops don't give a shit to the hoverboard riders in fact.....

  • @LGUMI NYPD has better things to do - airline backage checkers, not so much... would love to hear from someone who's taken a recent united flight! would hate to be turned away and have to leave my OW in airport storage!

  • I know just saw the clip minutes ago. I'm sure you won't be able to even have them in checked luggage either!


  • DAMMIT...I have a month long Euro trip coming up that I was planning on taking my onewheel on! I leave this saturday on american flight... fuckers, I hope I don't have an issue.

  • @braswell good luck and please keep us updated...if nothing else, the OW looks nothing like those Piece of crap

  • Awesome... I was hoping to take mine down to Florida on Tuesday with Jet Blue. If any of you guys traveling before Tuesday try to take your onewheels on a plane can you let me know how it works out?

  • The article i read said any self balancing propolsion device is banned. The problem is the 48 volt Lithium Ion battery. Really blows.

  • Looking like 2 options now:

    Ship these out to your destination ahead of time (like golf clubs or skis)

    Onewheel rental opportunities should open up in key markets

  • @forzabucks
    glad i saved my box. great idea.

  • Article says lithium ion batteries are banned which are used in those cheap two wheeled devices from China,while your onewheel uses a lithium iron phosphate battery which is probably still allowed. This is assuming the airline clerk has some knowledge of any type of chemistry.

  • I think Im going to have to leave it home now :-1: I rather not chance it, I'm sure I can get it past security in MIA Airport by checking it in my luggage but I don't want to risk having any issues in London a month from now when I try to return home. Shipping would be a bitch... damn cheap ass Chinese batteries!!!

  • @piratenyberg Lol, I'm pretty sure the underpaid baggage handlers and ticket counter lady will not care about the differences between different lithium chemistry...


    well, lets just say pretty much every airline has banned any sort of powered devices > 100WH (the onewheel is 132WH). Southwest allows up to 160WH devices.

    I guess I will be leaving mine at home instead of the Bahamas =(

  • has anyone flew with their onewheel since this ban?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry for the double post.... I asked Onewheel and the following is what I got for a response:

    From my understanding as long as your board is in your luggage and not clearly marked with lithium ion battery you should be able to fly with no problems. I also believe that TSA does not enforce these new regulations and if you carry-on your board you should be able to put it in the overhead bin/under your seat without any issue. You can find your board's battery information located on the underside of the board (just in case you are asked). Since are batteries are not removable the airline should not give you any trouble (I guess there are more strict regulations regarding removable batteries). We have flown all over the world with boards as carry-ons or checked with no problems. Hopefully this still holds true and those so called "hoverboards" don't ruin the fun for everyone.

  • @scalthom yea, TSA doesn't give a crap -the airlines are covering their asses though... even if 8 times out of 10 they let you on, have to ask youself if you have a backup plan for when you are denied passage

    Here's United's statement:

    "Personal devices installed with a lithium battery of less than 100 watt hours are permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. " - the OW clearly states 132WH on it.


    "Due to concerns regarding the lithium batteries used in hoverboards (balance boards, gravity boards, self-balancing devices, etc.), effective Saturday, December 12, 2015, Southwest Airlines will not transport hoverboards in either checked luggage or as a carryon item."

    you should just argue that there's NO battery in it - that you just use it to practice your balance.... lol

  • Update...

    So I decided to leave my board behind and boy was that the right decision. Not even 2 minutes walking into the airport I see large poster signs at the gate check in with photos of the 2 wheeled boards, a solowheel and one of those big 1- wheeled bike thingys

    With prohibited all over, I laughed then proceeded to check in my bags, not even a hello "do you have any Lithium batteries or hover boards in there?" I noticed a sheet with the same hoverboard photos on her and every other counter. Looks like they're in full force.

    Haha well this sucks :// I guess all my future plans of roaming the world on my onewheel have been stomped

    I'm not shipping for now but damn I really wish those piece of crap boards coulda waited a month to catch fire! - as others have mentioned it's probably not worth trying to get pass at the moment since it's such a topical subject for the holidays.

  • Thanks for the update.... Looks like $85 to ship to Florida for the holidays. Amazing, because I paid $79 for my flight from DCA to FLL.

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