Hoverboards banned on airlines

  • Sorry for the double post.... I asked Onewheel and the following is what I got for a response:

    From my understanding as long as your board is in your luggage and not clearly marked with lithium ion battery you should be able to fly with no problems. I also believe that TSA does not enforce these new regulations and if you carry-on your board you should be able to put it in the overhead bin/under your seat without any issue. You can find your board's battery information located on the underside of the board (just in case you are asked). Since are batteries are not removable the airline should not give you any trouble (I guess there are more strict regulations regarding removable batteries). We have flown all over the world with boards as carry-ons or checked with no problems. Hopefully this still holds true and those so called "hoverboards" don't ruin the fun for everyone.

  • @scalthom yea, TSA doesn't give a crap -the airlines are covering their asses though... even if 8 times out of 10 they let you on, have to ask youself if you have a backup plan for when you are denied passage

    Here's United's statement:

    "Personal devices installed with a lithium battery of less than 100 watt hours are permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. " - the OW clearly states 132WH on it.


    "Due to concerns regarding the lithium batteries used in hoverboards (balance boards, gravity boards, self-balancing devices, etc.), effective Saturday, December 12, 2015, Southwest Airlines will not transport hoverboards in either checked luggage or as a carryon item."

    you should just argue that there's NO battery in it - that you just use it to practice your balance.... lol

  • Update...

    So I decided to leave my board behind and boy was that the right decision. Not even 2 minutes walking into the airport I see large poster signs at the gate check in with photos of the 2 wheeled boards, a solowheel and one of those big 1- wheeled bike thingys

    With prohibited all over, I laughed then proceeded to check in my bags, not even a hello "do you have any Lithium batteries or hover boards in there?" I noticed a sheet with the same hoverboard photos on her and every other counter. Looks like they're in full force.

    Haha well this sucks :// I guess all my future plans of roaming the world on my onewheel have been stomped

    I'm not shipping for now but damn I really wish those piece of crap boards coulda waited a month to catch fire! - as others have mentioned it's probably not worth trying to get pass at the moment since it's such a topical subject for the holidays.

  • Thanks for the update.... Looks like $85 to ship to Florida for the holidays. Amazing, because I paid $79 for my flight from DCA to FLL.

  • @tomtnt damn no one is safe!!! haha this is really a bummer, I travel a lot for work and fun, already had so many plans to take this little guy everywhere :(

  • This had me pretty bummed out as I live in NYC and going to Fresno for the holidays. I really wanted to take advantage of the wide open streets to get some good carving in. I got quotes from Fedex and UPS and they were really high. Then I tried this app called Shyp after seeing them all over the subway cars. They picked up my Onewheel (I kept the original box) in 20 minutes professionally packaged it themselves and it's already on it's way to Fresno for 51 bucks. Also with 1500 dollars of insurance. Expected delivery is 6 days.

  • Sounds like I'll be doing more road trips than flying. At least flying with it was fun while it lasted.

  • Ridiculous. Taking my board come Wednesday. bastards. Through heaven or hell.

  • @sml said:

    Ridiculous. Taking my board come Wednesday. bastards. Through heaven or hell.

    You mean you're going to try to take it on an airplane? Good luck man! Let us know what happens and which airline/airport! It really pisses me off that those stupid cheap-ass "hoverboards" are ruining it for everyone else!

  • Banned

    read this article before you buy one

    Hoverborad is banned on amazon now , no one can buy from it

  • @Grace They are banned on Amazon because they are low quality SHIT. Notice how the Razor hovertrax is NOT banned. The boards being banned are very low quality and not worth a cent. Don't come to these boards and spam info about your shit please.

  • In checking major airline websites it now appears that airlines are not accepting any type of board device with lithium ion batteries regardless of battery size

  • The Onewheel is a lithium iron phosphate battery, but good luck explaining the difference to TSA workers during the holiday rush...or anytime for that matter.

  • @forzabucks A Lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of Lithium ion battery. But usually a higher quality one compared to the hoverboard lithium cobalt oxide batteries. There are well know safety risks with lithium cobalt oxide batteries, especially when damaged. Lithium iron phosphate batteries usually have a lower power density compared to lithium cobalt oxide, but are much safer.

    Try explaining that to TSA and watch their eyes gloss over.

  • The only analogy I can think of in regards to the airlines response would be the following:

    Someone tried bringing an alligator on a plane, so the airlines made sure to ban anything with four legs and teeth.

    Now I can't bring my dog on a plane.

  • Who's flown since the ban? Has anyone tried to check their OneWheel on a flight yet? As a check in? I am sure if you just check it in and don't tell them what it is you should be fine. Maybe even just put it in an unmarked box? Any rebels out there try this yet?

  • I would be very careful about just checking a board in your luggage without disclosing this to the airline. I believe you need to verify during check-in that you are not transporting any forbidden items. This could be a federal offense. It could also result in your board being confiscated should it be discovered in your bag.

  • If you want it wherever you are going, just ship it ahead of time to be safe. Not worth having it stuck in TSA limbo, which is basically the worst kind of limbo there is, and I'm including the limbo that borders Hell.

  • We could set up a separate forum topic for holiday home exchanges where a OW comes with the house.

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