Hoverboards banned on airlines

  • @Grace They are banned on Amazon because they are low quality SHIT. Notice how the Razor hovertrax is NOT banned. The boards being banned are very low quality and not worth a cent. Don't come to these boards and spam info about your shit please.

  • In checking major airline websites it now appears that airlines are not accepting any type of board device with lithium ion batteries regardless of battery size

  • The Onewheel is a lithium iron phosphate battery, but good luck explaining the difference to TSA workers during the holiday rush...or anytime for that matter.

  • @forzabucks A Lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of Lithium ion battery. But usually a higher quality one compared to the hoverboard lithium cobalt oxide batteries. There are well know safety risks with lithium cobalt oxide batteries, especially when damaged. Lithium iron phosphate batteries usually have a lower power density compared to lithium cobalt oxide, but are much safer.

    Try explaining that to TSA and watch their eyes gloss over.

  • The only analogy I can think of in regards to the airlines response would be the following:

    Someone tried bringing an alligator on a plane, so the airlines made sure to ban anything with four legs and teeth.

    Now I can't bring my dog on a plane.

  • Who's flown since the ban? Has anyone tried to check their OneWheel on a flight yet? As a check in? I am sure if you just check it in and don't tell them what it is you should be fine. Maybe even just put it in an unmarked box? Any rebels out there try this yet?

  • I would be very careful about just checking a board in your luggage without disclosing this to the airline. I believe you need to verify during check-in that you are not transporting any forbidden items. This could be a federal offense. It could also result in your board being confiscated should it be discovered in your bag.

  • If you want it wherever you are going, just ship it ahead of time to be safe. Not worth having it stuck in TSA limbo, which is basically the worst kind of limbo there is, and I'm including the limbo that borders Hell.

  • We could set up a separate forum topic for holiday home exchanges where a OW comes with the house.

  • @thegreck
    No go. Didn't let it pass through security heading to miami airport.
    This sucks. I need a board in miami

  • @sml Sucks! Damit! Those pretend Hoverboards officially ruined it!

    Why do they call them hoverboards anyway... They are forward facing and they have wheels.... NOT A HOVERBOARD PEOPLE!!!

    American, Alaska, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest and United Airlines have banned hoverboards on passenger flights, and the US Postal Service has stopped shipping hoverboards by air as well. Amazon and Target both temporarily suspended sales, and Overstock.com has stopped selling hoverboards at all.

  • Check this post to help complain to the Airlines about this.

    Post with Links to Airline complaint pages by: @callenj357

  • It only cost $42 and took two days to send mine from DC to south Florida last week via UPS

  • Just saw this thread and thought I'd relate my own experience: I took mine on Alaska Airlines as carryon on 4 separate flights (SFO-SEA-MSY-SEA-RDM) right around new years, didn't see any signage about hoverboards and the worst thing TSA did was swab it down on my first leg from SFO to MSY. No questions asked by the airline (despite a blog post stating a ban on "hoverboards" on Dec 10th) and it went into the overhead both directions and was gate checked a couple times on smaller or crowded planes. One thing I did notice, the board is a bit too long for some overhead bins in some airplanes if you have it with the LEDs facing into the aisle. I flew on two different Boeing 737s and it just barely fit in one and didn't in the other which was frustrating but I managed to turn it sideways and get it in. Be prepared on a busy flight to gate check it despite it fitting inside the airlines carryon bag measuring box. My guess is because it doesn't look anything like a hoverboard no one is confusing it for one.
    Your mileage may vary so don't get angry at me if TSA or your airline gives you a hard time about your board.

  • In my humble opinion, what the onewheel community needs is for onewheel to issue a statement. We need something we can take with us to the airport and show upon inspection to state things like:

    This is not a hover-board
    This board does NOT use a Lithium Ion battery
    This board was manufactured in the U.S.A. and there have been zero incidents of any form of catastrophic malfunction.

    Please don't think that I believe a document of this nature will mean you won't have any trouble getting a OW through airport security, but I do believe it would state the situation in a more matter of fact and official way than I could in the moment. I believe it might mean that you could convince someone who would otherwise have turned it away.

    I believe a good document would include the basics as I mentioned above and get a little more technical about Lithium Iron batteries as well. I believe this would help to ensure whoever it is that is looking at it can understand it on any level.

    The OW community is growing, no doubt. Don't let people's fear of Chinese knock offs stifle that. This is a truly amazing product, and people want to take it with them everywhere.

    Please, Future Motion, give us something to defend ourselves with.

  • @miketech Agree 1,000%.

  • Just tell them it's a spare part from a rolling machine that you are going to service. Don't even act like you try and balance on it. It looks so industrial that no one will question you.

  • Damn. I literally just got mine a couple days ago. I live in LA and my GF is in Vancouver and was planning on taking it back and forth. Future motion has really been silent on this? No public statement whatsoever? I have PTSD from buying a Fisker a few years back haha. The silence from fisker was the worst!

  • I agree @miketech I think this would maybe help some. At least it would be a step in the right direction for us consumers of the OW.

  • http://community.onewheel.com/topic/982/ow-bag

    check it and twll them it film equaiment and you should be good to go

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