control box rattle!

  • Bumming my new board with about 30 miles on it has issues. Bad rattle started coming from the front of the board. I have isolated it to the control box. Dont want to void a warranty so I am not going farther in till I get the ok from FM. Sure hope I dont have to send this back already!

    Vid of rattle...

  • ferrite ring. normal

  • didnt rattle at all the 1st 29 miles?

  • Pretty sure it's okay. Mine does this too, as well as plenty of others if not all boards out there. It only rattles when going over bumps and rough terrain though. Let us know what you hear from FM, curious what the official word on it is!

  • Been waiting since monday to get a call or email back from FM. Not real happy right now. I am 100% sure there should not be something bouncing around next to a circut board that has a bunch of fragile components on it. Not to mention its annoying as hell riding it like this. It rattles like crazy even on fairly smooth pavement.

    I am about ready to rip the control box open and see for myself. I dont want to void warranty on entire board tho! Come on FM get with me!! Tried calling 3 times today your service just hangs up when it come times to leave a message!

  • @cascadewheeler EDIT: the correct email is (not, my bad.

    feeling your frustration. Just checking, did you email them at Most of us have found them to be pretty responsive via email. I don't think folks have had much luck trying to reach them or resolve on the phone.

  • Yup... made a support ticket on Monday. No response since...

  • @cascadewheeler hmmm. Both Carly and Gabrielle have been pretty good about responding back to me in a timely fashion the few times I've had issues with my board, maybe hit them up again via email but yeah, you should hear back within 24-48 hours tops.

  • Finally got through on phone. They said if its working to just ride it as I have a big x-country road trip coming up in a couple weeks that they wont be able to get it fixed in time for. It will be going back once I return home to get this sorted out. Sure wish they would just let me open the box and fix it myself w/o voiding the warranty!

  • I noticed this too and ended up taking the control module apart. It is a ferrite ring and nothing to worry about but it is pretty annoying so I added a piece of foam and the sound is gone and board is silent. I'm pretty sure we as a consumer are protected when comes to the warranty stickers so I would say go for it if it really bothers you.

  • @vspot415 ya the Magnusson moss act is supposed to protect us from these types of shenanigans. Unfortunately manufacturers seem to be able to get away with it, lawyers are too expensive for the common man to be able to fight it.

  • @vspot415 said in control box rattle!:

    ferrite ring

    Do you have a pic?

  • @enjoi408 I do not, I should if taken one while I had it open, if your mechanically inclined I would say go for it otherwise it's probably not worth the hassle. I have a OCD so it was worth it for me haha

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