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  • @ow-miami cool lets meet. When and wher. I was thinking of starting a group or something like that in Miami. Let me know.

  • I am 176 lbs and I ride on 18PSI.

    With mission setting (if I ride on flat surface) asphalt, I can get up to 6.4 miles. (this was the largest distance I could ever get) with 5% left.

    When I try riding grass in Delirium mode mixed with Mission on flat surface I get about 4.4 miles with 4% battery left.
    Today it took me 30 mins to drain my battery to 4% and just over 4.3 miles. This is a very short time to enjoy riding. :-(

    At the end of my ride Battery Cells I have are around : 3.20 each and Total battery voltage is : 51.4V
    At the beginning fully charged battery cells are around 3.60 and total battery voltage is : 58 V

    Thank you all.

  • @celebro

    For any who read this - there's a south florida onewheel group on facebook.

  • On a related note, has anyone ever tried this backup battery charger from Coolis?



    Curious if it gives enough voltage, how many charges does it give? Thx!

  • I'm 6'3 225lbs. Typical urban riding with hills mixed in I get around 4.2 miles. Longest I have ridden on one charge is 6 miles on flat and smooth road.

  • @brageorgia said in Range onewheel+:

    I'm 6'3 225lbs. Typical urban riding with hills mixed in I get around 4.2 miles. Longest I have ridden on one charge is 6 miles on flat and smooth road.

    Which shaping do you ride in?

  • @brageorgia at 5' 8" and 209# I'm in the same boat with you. I get between 4.2 - 4.9 miles in Delirium during a hard-charging ride. If I'm just cruising on flat hard ground I can squeeze 6 miles out of it but it's not as fun :)

  • I am 190lbs, and often have 10lbs of gear with me.

    I ride hard, carving a lot, and get >7 miles out of a full charge. That is up from the 4-5 I was getting when I had my Vega tire at 20psi. I now ride with the Hoosier @ 45psi. It's a dream.

  • Good input in this thread; I was worried that my board wasn't getting the mileage it's supposed to. I'm 210 lbs and have been getting 5.5 miles running 19 psi on delirium, carving hard. I've had my OW+ for 6 days and have logged almost 60 miles; I'm really hoping the range increases like others have experienced. Perhaps I need to ride more on mission. Any good input for a newbie?

  • @njacobs

    I only weigh 150 lbs so clearly I get more range because of the weight difference. However see what even a 1 lb air pressure increase to 20 PSI does to your range. Also you will find that Mission is more efficient. Whenever I need the range, I go Mission. Whenever I hit the trails and need the responsiveness, I select Delirium. I do wish I can change the shapings on the fly rather than have to slow down to 1 mph and fiddle with my App to switch. Changing the shaping to the terrain would also maximize my range.

  • @gadgetrider
    I did 5.5 miles last night on mission, still at 19psi. I'll bump it to 20 or 21psi and see if I can get improved range. Thanks for the input.

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  • My range stats:
    On fairly flat terrain...
    5.3 miles per charge if I ride conservative.
    4.0 miles per charge if I'm zooming along at 13.1mph average.

    I weigh 225lbs. So I am a bigger guy. I'm sure it makes a difference.
    I usually ride in Mission mode.

  • Any slim riders? Everyone in here seems to be tall and heavy. I'm 5'7 and 130lbs, whats a good PSI to play around with?

  • @510-1-whl try 17 psi and go up from there.

  • @jrfent

    How many miles on your board? Sometimes with more charging cycles the range increases.

  • Did a test early this morning - laps around a tennis court - constant speed, no carving, 9-10mph target.

    Watching the amp burn rate - I was pulling down about a mile for every .25 usage - meaning that I'd theoretically get just under 12 miles out a single charge under highly optimal conditions.

    OW+ (Mission Mode)
    Tire Pressure set to 25lbs
    My fat ass weighs in at 225 as of this Morning with clothes and crap in pockets.

  • I'm 210lbs. Yesterday I had my first float over 7 miles! (7.2) I think the two most contributing factors were: tire pressure of 25 psi (normally I run at 22), and average speed of 10mph (normally 13)

  • 10.8 miles. 145lbs, flat paved terrain.

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