Waterproofing the onewheel with silicon?

  • Is it a good idea to waterproof the board with silicon, under the bars, to stop water to go to the battery/connectors?

  • @cyberpan if you search this forum you'll find lots of threads from people who have come up with all kinds of recommendations and solutions. Before proceeding it may be a good idea to review so you don't have to reinvent the wheel (or do something to the board that's no bueno).

  • @groovyruvy I've had a lot of issues with the search function on this forum recently, which is disappointing. I had thought we were building a massive depository of Onewheel information, but if the search only works for the past few weeks worth of posts, what's the use?

  • @thegreck I wasn't aware of that issue, that's really unfortunate :(

  • Google is the key.

    Search like this -
    site:community.onewheel.com/topic/ searchtermsgohere

  • @thegreck

    Agreed, used to be able to find old threads easy.
    Now I get recent ones unrelated.

  • @ow-miami Yeah, I've been using Google to do my searches lately (your method of including the full forum URL is a good idea), but the fact that the forum seems to no longer even be able to search its own database is troubling, and makes me think they're going to start clearing out older posts, which could even lead to closing down this forum.

    I was hoping they'd continue to improve and enhance it, adding the ability to post video and better post formatting. But if it's going to just dissolve, then I no longer see it as a good source of info for newcomers, and we might want to spend more energy building up the onewheel.wiki instead.

  • My apologies to the OP... this was totally off topic!

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