"Surging" Mission after FW update

  • @bendalton I'm confused. It sounds like you're comparing Delirium to Mission as though Delirium replaced Mission, which it didn't. And they're actually designed for different terrain (Mission is for street, Delirium is for dirt track).

  • @Gadgetrider I'm not directly comparing the two. Mission is my go-to, but as it stands now, it's leaving me a little/lot less confident than before the firmware update. These intermittent little "shoves" from the onewheel make me feel like it's only a matter of time before I get thrown.

    For Delirium, yes it is officially optimized for that use case, but there's nothing inherently limiting it to dirt tracks. The greater torque and overall stability are also useful/enjoyable on pavement. What I noticed most between Mission and Delirium is that extra stability - for better and worse. It seems like it is less maneuverable in a tight spot, but handles bumps and changes in incline with more confidence. So a mixed bag for folks like me.

    Since I haven't noticed any surges on Delirium, I might try it for a while - despite my 99% pavement commute.

  • Yes.!
    I had a hard fall after carving onto an uphill road. Never fell at that road before and found myself flying forward.. I can't say if it was a surge as it all happened so fast. But it could have been one.. I got some serious wounds with blood etc after that fall.. Healing now..

  • @fun2ride heal fast bro! Could it maybe have been the dreaded nosedive while going uphill? Fairly easy to do as the nose is closer to the road due to the incline.

  • I've noticed surging with Delirium also actually. I can even feel small pulsing vibrations in the motor when balancing at a stop where they weren't there before. I wondered if this is just their way of getting more power out of it.

  • Did anybody solve this surg Problem? Very annoying and dangerous when going uphill.
    Or has everybody lernt to deal with this new phenomen?

  • @owpete I'm a 150 lb rider and I don't feel a thing...

  • With 200lb it is pretty heavy.

  • @owpete

    I find my weight position on the board and motor temp play into it also. A little unsettling but you know the board is working to keep you safe and do get used to it.. a little with time.

    FM knows about. Unclear if they will change the firmware in the future.

  • I got my board two months ago and it had the new update already so I know nothing else.
    The last days I've noticed some surging to but maybe it's not the update but instead that I'm getting better at this and therefore pushing the motor more?

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