Hard fall after these 2 bugs caused a perfect storm...

  • Bugs:

    1. Board won't charge to 100% [1]
    2. Board shuts off on downhill due to overcharge [2] [3] [4]

    What happened:

    Traveling downhill, my Onewheel+ turned off while the battery was at 95%.


    My mint Onewheel+ received damage to one of the side rails and foot pads, my shoes need replacement, and I received road rash on my foot and elbow.



    Hi all,

    Just got a brand new Onewheel+ after riding the original for about a year. I've had plenty of time to practice on the original, so the plus has been smooth sailing with no dings, scratches, or bails. Unfortunately, today I had a bad bail that, frankly, was no fault of my own and should have been corrected by Future Motion.

    I've been riding my plus for about two weeks, and it hasn't been charging to 100%. After each ride, it stops charging at a lower and lower percentage (i.e.: the battery stops at 98%, then 95% next time, then 93%, etc.). From what I've read, the temporary fixes are to run your board to 0%, do a 48 hr charge, and/or reinstall the app. I have performed each of these, and although it will charge to 100% once, subsequent rides continue to charge at a lesser and lesser percentage. The issue remains.

    Today, my board was at 95% after being plugged in overnight. I'm well aware of full-battery push back when going downhill due to my experience with the original Onewheel, and it's also described in the owner's manual "Full-battery push back" page 35. However, my board was not fully charged, so I knew that going downhill would be safe. I got up to a cruising speed of 16 mph, and my board suddenly turned off, my tail skidded, and I fell against the pavement. People ran over to make sure I was OK, but I luckily was able to walk away.

    I find this unacceptable, Future Motion, and I worry what other damage or injury the combination of these bugs may cause. I sustained injury, have to replace my shoes, and damaged my new plus all while complying with instructions within the owner's manual. If the battery was full, it should have read 100%, but there was some kind of error that prevented this.

    I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.


  • @blankets I'm wondering if what happened is: you started a downhill ride at 95% charge, got cranking and hit 16 mph. In that period of time the battery regenerated to 100%+, triggering full battery pushback and turning the board off. Me personally I don't sweat dings and marks on the OW, I figure it kinda goes with the territory and battle wounds are a badge of honor. I wear pads to protect against falls, as they definitely happen and they're not so fun.

  • I agree with @groovyruvy ... Unfortunately you need to be careful not to charge it to or near capacity, due to the battery regeneration that occurs when you ride downhill.

  • Appreciate the comments. You can see in the screenshot of the app that at the time of the fall the board regenerated 0% battery and I traveled 0.1 mi, so I don't think it regenerated 5% in that distance.

  • @blankets

    If it's showing 95% when finished charging, that's 100%.
    Might wanna be safe and use 90% going downhill assuming 95% is the break point.

  • @sonny123 is right. If you can't charge past 95%, that means it's full. Most likely something is wrong with how it's displaying the charge amount, not that you've got 5% free.

  • Thanks again for the comments.

    @thegreck Sounds like you think it could be some kind of fault. Would you recommend I contact support about it?

    @sonny123 That's probably not the intended behavior, though. Are you saying that happens on your board too? ...that it regularly becomes "fully charged" at a percentage lower than 100%, and you're just used to it?

    If so, I do find that rather unsafe and unacceptable. As riders, how are we supposed to make reliable, safe decisions when Future Motion's app is providing incorrect data? Are we expected to learn all of the bugs and faults via falling, and just compensate accordingly? That seems extremely dangerous.

    The point is: had my app displayed 100% battery, I would not have gone downhill!

  • @blankets

    You are 100% correct, in a perfect world that is.
    When I take my fully charged board out, I don't care if the app. shows 100% or 90.
    I can take a straight downhill to the bike path, instead, I go couple blocks before taking another downhill to pick up the bike trail.
    Good old common sense if you will...

    What you have is the exception, not the rule.
    I think we've seen it on the board few times.
    Try this. Run your motor on the bench until it dies completely and charge it overnight.
    Do it again few more times. Might save you from sending it in.
    FM doesn't recommend running the motor under no load.
    But I've done it few times a while ago and my board runs like a horse after being through the mill.

  • Overcharging is a bug?

  • @sonny123 @thegreck @blankets @groovyruvy

    I have the opposite problem right now and I've been trying everything possible to avoid sending my board to FM during some of the best weeks of summer...

    My board charges to 100% and the app notifies me. The cells are at 3.40V but the light on the charger is red still.... if I let it sit on the charger (1, 2, 4, 24, 36, 48 hours all tried) the light will go green after ~20-30 more minutes and the cells will read 3.62V. BUT if I wait for the 3.62V my board needs ~2 miles of riding for the app to say it's no longer at 100% charge... so for those first 2 miles I can't brake hard or go down hill due to fear and the warnings of overcharging the battery.

    @blankets I think you and I are suffering from the same issue, a disconnect between battery voltage and where the board/software thinks the charge level is. What voltage are your cells at when fully charged? Is the charger light green or red when you unplug?

    I've done the drain the battery to 0% and charge for 2 days routine twice but still no change. If I unplug as soon as the app alerts me, the board behaves as it should.... not sure what happens when the voltage goes from 3.40 to 3.62 but something is no longer correctly calibrated. FM wants me to send the board back but it still works perfectly on flat ground (and everywhere after 2 miles) and the weather is perfect around Boston right now.

  • @skyman88

    Pulling out the battery module takes about 5 minutes.
    Would be great if FM allows sending it in by itself for evaluation.
    $15 flat rate 3 days shipping Priority Mail.
    Board costs over a $100 for round trip and takes longer. Sucks.

  • @sonny123 They sent me a pre-paid packing slip... but that's got to be a 2-3 week process to fix and return a board... I'm going to hold off for as long as possible.

  • @sonny123 said in Hard fall after these 2 bugs caused a perfect storm...:


    Pulling out the battery module takes about 5 minutes.
    Would be great if FM allows sending it in by itself for evaluation.
    $15 flat rate 3 days shipping Priority Mail.
    Board costs over a $100 for round trip and takes longer. Sucks.

    Ya I am not a fan of this no parts available system. Why send the whole board when there is just a battery issue? I want to be able to buy and fix anything on this once my warranty is up!

  • Incredible story. And I thought I was the only one who fell on OneWheel+ after firmware upgrade to Andromeda.
    I also experience the same issue of the board NOT charging to 100% and charging less and less with each charge.

    99% , 98%, 97% etc.. I keep charging it, but it stops at whatever number.

    My fall:
    I upgraded the firmware more than a week ago and went riding. While doing a carve to uphill road, I found myself flying forwards. Hit the road. hurt myself pretty badly.. (5 contact points with asphalt) , huge bruise on my thighs. bad torn skin in 5 contact points with the road. on my leg, my knee, elbow, and arm.. :-(

    At that moment, I thought that maybe I have done something different, but I went up that road so many times and I was not even going that fast.. (So something is here, since I read your story and my board also does not charge to 100%)

    My wounds are healing now and I filed a ticket about battery not charging to 100%, but I did not put the two together: battery not charging and my fall..

    Hmm.. Anybody else crashed after firmware upgrade?

  • @fun2ride many riders have been reporting problems with not being able to charge, the board cutting out on them triggering a nosedive, and other issues after updating to the andromeda firmware.

  • @fun2ride Only in Delerium mode. Same thing. Up a slight incline I road quite a few times without incident before in Mission Mode. Didn't think I did anything different. Nose dive....

  • @blankets I think your app is not displaying your battery % correctly. If you charged it overnight you should be at 100% charge. I would have been curious to see what the individual cell voltages were at this time but more than likely you had a full battery and went past the cutoff threshold for regeneration.

  • Wow reading this is scary. So, for my own reference and safety, is it safe to say that after fully charging, it's best to start your ride on flat land and uphill, before blazing downhill?

    I also have an Apple Watch, so if I get a notification about the overcharge warning, I should be able to stop myself from doing something stupid, right?

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