Original OneWheel & Android O incompatibility

  • Is this fixed yet? Where can I follow updates to this issue?

  • Any update to this?

    Brand New OW+ owner with Pixel XL running the latest update and frustrated that I can't link to my board.

    At one point it did show me "Surge" on Bluetooth but it refused the connection and now I don't even see that.

  • Looks like android 8.1 was just released today. I've heard that the bluetooth issue is fixed in the newest versions of android. Has anyone been able to verify that this is fixed in 8.1?

  • Happy, happy, happy! I hope it stays this way but I tested it on 2 OW+'s on my Android device and they both connect without issues. Finally I can hopefully reliably check my battery status. This is more important in the colder weather where my range is reduced.

    I am running Nougat V7.1.1 My carrier finally released an update for me this morning so I immediately checked my OW connection performance.

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