Taildrag loss of power at 50% battery

  • I have a v1 with 260 miles and it loses power and taildrags at 50% battery. The cells average 3.38 and the voltage is 53.8.
    I average 15 mph to 16mph. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? It still goes 18 mph but not as torqued up as it used to be.

  • gut feeling, a V1 with low miles, it may have been sitting quite a while with a charge on the batteries? that would likely damage the batteries and reduce the C number, which would result in it being 50% voltage but less current than desired = lack of torque

  • I have had it fully charged sitting from time to time so youre probably right. i dont like to ride it on sandy roads during and after winter. I shouldve put the tail on the table and ran some juice out. I hope it will last awhle longer. I wish there was a way to order a battery and install it.

  • Batteries live longer when they are stored at 3.7v
    so yeah if not riding for a month or so, its a good idea to run it down to about 50%ish

  • @fratwill BTW, the tail drag is called pushback, and it's actually caused by the motor suddenly speeding up, not losing power (a loss of power would cause an instant nosedive because your momentum would keep you moving forward when the board stops). The only way to make the tail drag is for the board to speed up and get ahead of you, then your body weight causes the tail to drag.

  • @thegreck
    While its creeping along the tail is dragging. Its not pushback. Its basically dying at 50%. The battery is just not lasting till 30% anymore

  • @fratwill Hmmm... might want to have that looked at.

  • Future Motion has always been VERY kind on repair pricing for me. I'd suggest sending it in - you'll probably be astonished at how inexpensively it can be fixed.

    Or sell it to me for $600 and I'll get it done. :)

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