ow+ whirring noise while balancing?

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    I've had my ow+ for a little over a month now and I only observed this behavior just now. While balancing (not rolling), I can hear the motor/gyroscope (or whatever it's called) make a whirring noise.

    For some odd reason, I decided to ride a little in my garage and that's when I noticed it. Now obviously, it's pretty quiet in my garage and that's why I was able to clearly hear this whirring noise while just balancing. Now just one day prior to this observation, I had updated to the latest firmware (andromeda 4020) and it's racking my brain to wonder if the firmware update had something to do with it!

    So I don't know if I had this noise prior to the firmware update or after. But to be honest, when I tried my ow+ for the very first time out of the box in my backyard where there is other noise (wind, airplanes, etc...) I really didn't notice any whirring sound while balancing.

    I guess I'd appreciate it if a couple of ow+ riders could confirm or deny this whirring noise while balancing before I take the issue to FM. Preferably you should test it in a quiet area (ideally indoors inside a room).

    My major concern would be if this whirring noise might be draining the battery. It would suck if you lost a good % of battery while just balancing and not moving.

    Even if this turns out to be normal, I'm not sure of the degree of loudness it should be. I'll let you be the judge. OW+ riders please chime in.

    In this video, I stop, balance, stop, balance and finally stop(you might need to turn up your speakers):

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • @suboba I don't hear anything like that on any of my boards, original or +

  • @suboba I can't hear anything in your video, but admittedly didn't turn up speakers much in my office.

    Mine does makes slight noises when balanced. Keep in mind: even if you're not moving, the motor/electronics are still fully engaged in helping you keep balance.

    The board is working even when you're not moving. If you have any question as to just how much it is doing in the background, power off your OW and try to balance on it - trust me, you'll notice it immediately.

  • Compare the shapings - Delirium vs Mission. Mission is a little quieter I find but not as responsive as Delirium. I think this is by design - trade-off between responsiveness and battery life.

    When you are not moving - just balancing on the spot - the motor is working quite hard to keep you from tipping over.

  • I've got it too. I call it a very quit growling noise accompanied with a tiny bit of movement that you can feel if you engage the board with your hands. I didn't have this before or directly after the update. Noticed it directly after I was trying a dismount where you slap the nose down. Wasn't sure if that banging started the growl or not. But the noise isn't noticeable while riding and it doesn't seem like performance has been affected.

    My only concern is that something similar happened with my v1 a year or more ago and they had me send it back for repair.

  • ehh? Idk. It seems as if some riders have it and others don't. Even for those who do have it, it seems to be of different degrees.

    @Gadgetrider I just tried Delirium for the first time today and yes, the whirring/spinning (while balancing) is much more noticeable. I can even hear and FEEL the vibrating (while balancing) while listing to music with my earplugs in!

    Ugh. Idk. I think I'll just shoot an email to FM to find out what it SHOULD be while I still have it under warranty. I don't mind it if that's what it's supposed to be, I just don't know why it's so noticeable all of a sudden.

  • Hi, I had the same issue a month after getting my board and it cleared up after the update. I almost sent the board back for repairs.

  • I had huge issues with the new update. Tightened up the four main bolts on the rail/wheel interface, and all is well now.

  • Hmm have this on mine as well, 45 miles in same as poster, noticed it inside and not sure if it was always there. Not liking this.

  • @suboba I have two identical OW+ purchased about a month apart. They both have the same firmware update and they behave in an identical manner. As an engineer, I can understand/appreciate what Delirium mode is trying to do. With a tighter feedback loop, there will be more power/current used to keep a tighter balance. That is probably also why Delirium has a shorter range than Mission.

    Unless I am doing dirt/stone trails (or even slippery grass golf courses), I keep it on Mission so that I can ride longer.

    Of course you should make sure the bolts are tight but FM puts thread-locking compound on the bolts so I doubt they are loose unless you really thrash your OW around. I suppose with enough vibration and stress, the bolts could wiggle themselves loose.

  • noise is completely normal just more noticeable inside

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