Just posted my first ride with a Danger Warning

  • I'm sure there's other people out there who have gone on rides and discovered they were far too dangerous for a one-wheel at least for most people. I figure it's useful to get a warning out there for future Riders who might be visiting or who have just picked up a board. Anyone else ever posted dangerous rides or even if anyone has some pictures?
    Mine today had some beautiful but scary as hell drops Cliff Edge trails. I got off and walked quite a bit of it.!!

  • 0_1503430492459_IMG_20170822_112719-3036x2277-2277x1708.jpg
    Had to resize the image. You can see that the trail runs along the cliff line and it's easily two or three times longer than what you see in the picture as it curves around the cliff and it's very narrow as it was designed for hiking and biking. Location is near Lake Powell. I'm a local, but I haven't been on this trail in years, I forgot how treacherous it could be to ride on, but man what a view!

  • I had to go back and re-edit my ride details. It didn't save because I had too many characters. On all my posted rides so far I've also added the expected estimated battery use on the details. I figure it'll be helpful info

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