Added Extra Lights To My OW+

  • This is my first post, but thought I would share this with the community. I ride a fair amount at night around my neighborhood, other neighborhoods, and parks. I live in Indiana, so the pavement can be fairly rough and uneven in spots. Wearing a headlamp helps, but the light is most helpful in the 10-15 feet in front of the OW. For additional lighting, I mounted 2 LumeCubes to the fender using velcro. The velcro can be picked up at any Lowes or on Amazon. I have ridden probably 20miles over various terrain, and they have never fallen off. The LumeCubes are almost indestructible, and also waterproof. First pic is without, the rest are with them on. They have 8 brightness settings I believe, and the pics are on the lowest setting. They are very bright. I like the adjustability of the direction and angle, and it's completely reversible.


  • @crockey that's cool. Don't know how it would fare in a rollover but it's a nice solution. For night rides I wear a helmet-mounted headlamp and I hold a superbright bike headlight (Urban850 by Light + Motion) that casts a huge bright circle of light anywhere I aim it. Great way to keep that next section of road well lit up, and it also let's people know I'm coming.

  • Gee, that reminds me to bring a simple flashlight. I have a couple nice halogen units that should do the job. The trick is that I have to hold it in my hands but at least I can throw the illumination wherever it is needed. I too do a lot of night-riding. The bugs come out at dusk and are mostly gone when it gets dark out I find.

  • @groovyruvy I also wear a helmet light sometimes, but the LumeCube casts more of a tangential light that highlights uneven terrain. In a rollover situation, the lights just break free from the velcro. The LumeCube is almost indestructible. I lost power on my drone from 50ft up with the lights mounted on the bottom. They hit the pavement first from the fall, and only suffered some scratches on the metal.

  • @crockey might have to try these LumeCubes, can you share a link?

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