Anyone notice an adjustment to the app's speedometer?

  • Hey guys,
    Did anyone else notice an adjustment to the speedometer with the latest app release?

    After updating the app and switching to Delirium on my Onewheel plus, I noticed that what I perceived as traveling 20mph (from what the previous app readout told me) was now displaying around 18mph.

    I've been riding the Onewheel for two years now and the plus as soon as it was released, so I immediately noticed the difference in the app speedometer readout. I also thought it was strange that my absolute speed now reads 18.6 mph when I know it was around 21 mph. I double-checked the leader board on the app and it still says my old absolute speed of 21.73 mph.

    Not a big deal to me... the board is fast is all I need to know. :) But just wondering if anyone else noticed this on their app.

  • I noticed a similar drop. Before the update the OW app would give a top speed typically at or above the top speed of my GPS app. But with Andromeda it's always two or three miles per hour lower.

  • Same here. About a 2mph drop - on iOS for me. Will try cross referencing another app.

  • @bobmatnyc

    Come on - don't help the engineers!

    Engineer 1: We are seeing complaints of slightly lower speeds reported from telemetry compared to GPS numbers.

    Engineer 2: New code is ready, we feel the problem is solved:

    updated software start

    I kid. This machine is completely amazing. I rode 5.95 miles today on my OW+ and loved every moment.

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