Anyone Ride the OW+ with Dress Shoes?

  • I got the OW+ with the express purpose of commuting to my office job which is only a couple miles from home. While I imagine wearing flat shoes is ideal for riding, I was wondering if there are folks out there that commute in dress shoes (see pic) and wanted to get their thoughts.0_1503528237649_MW40_4063_03_JOHNSTON_MURPHY_SHOES_BROWN_MAIN.jpg

  • @clevemont I'm guessing with the full-pad sensor that the plus has, the heel won't be an issue as it would be with the V1.

  • @thegreck once you recover please test and report back- away from public roads of course ;)

  • I've road to church and back in some Dr Scholls shoes a few times. They had a work grip on them, but other than that it was the same shape of shoe. No problems really. On a Onewheel +

  • I even do it for short distances on the OW1, just be a bit extra careful...

  • @groovyruvy Well, I don't have a plus and I don't wear or want to wear dress shoes when I ride, and it would be difficult getting to my office in downtown Pasadena without crossing a few public streets, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do it!

  • All the time. Works fine on the plus.

    IN fact, I think it's more comfy to ride in a short heeled work/dress shoe.

  • Can't say I ride in dress shoes, but I wear a pair of Dr. Marten 1460's that have the same style of bottom just fine.

    alt text

    Except mine are black.

  • @clevemont I have ridden in dress shoes quite a bit as I ride my OW+ everyday and wear a suit everyday. Normally I carry a backpack and change shoes when I get to work mainly to keep my dress shoes from getting messed up and not because it is difficult to ride.

    A side note - I too assumed that skateboard shoes would be the best for riding the OW+, but I have found that shoes with a heel of some sort provide a better riding experience. You seem to be more connected to the board. So some sort of athletic shoe with flat bottom and padded heel seem to be the best, IMO. I use a skateboard shoe that has a heel.

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