First street ride, first impressions

  • I started in grass with sequoia. I spent an hour getting used to it.

    This was my first time riding in the street. After 15 minutes on street, I was constantly hitting pushback in sequoia. I had been dreading experiencing pushback because I've heard horror stories but when I finally reached that speed, pushback seemed very gentle.

    I switched to Cruz and increased my speed a tad. pushback in Cruz nearly threw me.

    I wish there was an audible indicator to warn you that the thing is about to push back so I can be mentally prepared. I'd also like optional audible indicators for elapsed miles on current trip and battery charge level. I want to know when I hit 50% so I can turn around and get home.

    I also wish the range was 20% farther... so much fun and I burned through my range in no time.

  • @kohesion it may sound counterintuitive but try mission. Pushback comes later so you have more room to operate. And until you really start jamming, you'll experience less pushback.

  • @groovyruvy
    Yup, listen to @groovyruvy ! I went to mission on day one. Later I tried the slower modes and pushback almost flipped me off, it's very aggressive in those modes. Mission is safe and gives you the ability to explore and learn much easier than constantly running into a wall.

  • I've been riding the v1 and the plus for a while and every time I switch to lower modes for whatever reason I end up jumping off and running it out or trying to... the slower pushback gets me every time and one time my friends switched it to sequoia and I stomped on it and tried to accelerate like a madman and when pushback hit I was glad I was wearing wrist gaurds and a helmet... hitting pushback when you aren't used to it coming at slow speeds it terrible I ride all the time in mission or delerium so getting pushback at 12mph was like the board had stoped and I was still going forwards and it just bucked me off kinda, but in the Nehemiah even with the v1 I went straight to the faster mode after a day of the slower ones because I had more room to play with speed without the pushback. But after riding delerium for about a week then being switched to sequoia the pushback kicks like a 12 gauge when you stomp on it and try to accelerate like a madman.

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