Audible Alarm w/ Pushback

  • It would be great to have an audible alarm built into the board that would instantly sound to accompany pushback. This would be invaluable to assist new riders in identifying pushback and avoiding a nasty nosedive. Of course, it should be possible to disable the audible alarm using the app.


  • Can it sound like the door opening in the old Star Trek series?

  • loool @thegreck

  • What a perfect idea. A LOUD beep when the board is ready to push back. How about an app based max speed limiter? Also a cap for the electric hook up.

  • @chebard I would love a beep or a vibration feedback back the pushback (depending on the riding mode) can be really subtle. In Cruz, the pushback is REALLY obvious. On Mission/Delirium, it is almost imperceptible. We need something in-between. The reason that FM has not offered a auditory option is the lack of speaker/buzzer hardware. A future revision of the hardware may address this but not for current owners. The App feedback is another problem because I find the Bluetooth connections not always reliable. I wear my headset so that I can hear the warnings (like 50% batt level, footpad sensor disengaged). Having the app warn us at some % of max power (eg - 90% power warning) that the user can set is a possibility that all current users can appreciate with minimal hardware disruption in the design.

  • You mean like every other electronic self balancing device in existence? Yeah. It’s a good idea!

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